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‘VPR’: Jax Taylor Tells Fans Not To be Shy About Greeting Him

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VPR stars often get fans who just about die with excitement when they see them out and about. Sometimes fans just don’t care how it looks and rush over asking for selfies. But some people feel it’s a bit invasive, so they give them their space. Now. Jax Tayor reassured fans about feeling shy and avoiding greeting them.

VPR – Jax Taylor replies to a fan who avoided talking to him and Brittany

Brittany and Jax from Vanderpump Rules expect their first baby together. Of course, their fans sound delighted as they know that he wants kids so badly. Most likely, Jax and Brittany’s families also look forward to the day of arrival. And, that possibly stopped a  follower from greeting them. They said that saw them out and about. But, they didn’t want to spoil the moment.

Jax shared a photo of himself and Brittany cuddled up with their doggy. He captioned it with, “Scary movie night with my baby momma! 🎃💟🤰🏼.” In the comments, one fan wrote, “I saw you at Blakes Here in Michigan!! I wanted to congratulate you so bad but didn’t want to ruin the moment with your sister. Thank you for ALWAYS showing the love to your home state. Love y’all!!” But, it seems the fan needn’t’ have worried. The VPR star replied, saying, “should of said hi.”


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Other Vanderpump Rules fans talk about Brittany and Jax becoming parents soon

Bravo fans took the opportunity to chat about Brittany falling pregnant. One said, “Brittany looks great. I hope she is having an easy pregnancy so far, so happy for you both, your dad would be smiling and so happy for your happiness.” And another one commented, “What a good looking couple 🔥. Your boy is going to be a little heart breaker 💙.”

Of course, Jax and Brittany look forward to raising their son. US Weekly reported in September that they revealed the gender of their baby at a pool party. Jax previously predicted incorrectly, that they would have a baby girl. So, he looked extra delighted when Britany announced a boy. VPR fans know that Jax enjoys doing boy-things with his friends. So, one day he might play some hockey with his son or teach him how to ski.

Although a lot of people called for Jax and Brittany to get fired by Bravo, they survived, and fans hope that one day they see a season that features their new baby. Recall, that some of the cast lost their jobs over allegation of racism by Faith Stowers. In the meantime, if you see Jax and Brittany out and about, it seems he doesn’t mind if you greet them at all.


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