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Larissa Lima Features In ‘Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed!’ Show

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Larissa Lima got fired by TLC from the 90 Day Fiance franchise. And, she seems much happier without it. Now, she landed a gig with the YouTube reality show Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed! She featured in the finale on October 24.

Larissa Lima dances around in the Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed! show

We reported that since Larissa left TLC she seems a lot lighter and very happy. Of course, she also looks amazing after her surgeries that bring a sort of Kardashian feel to her appearance. These days, she and Eric spend a lot of time making videos for their OnlyFans account. And, sometimes they dance around. Many fans think neither of them shows much talent.

However, despite her lack of any formal training at dancing, Larissa overcame her concerns and agreed to join Jack Alexander’s team. If you watch the show, you know that a lot of seductive dancing takes place. And, the choreography’s really good. While critics on Instagram mocked Larissa Lima, Jack from Magician Explosed! explained her bravery. He said, that she “didn’t let her insecurities get the best of her.”

Magically, Larissa appeared in a cage

Almost out of nowhere, Jack conjured up Larissa. And she looked good. Sorry haters and trollers, but can anyone really claim that she looks like the back end of a bus? In the video below, Larissa made her debut at 14.54. Larissa climbed out of the cage and pushed Jack away like some other dancers previously did. Then, she joined two male dancers. She waved her arms around but managed a bit more than that. It looks like Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed! kept her moves simple for her.

Larissa Lima then went through the good old fashion “saw in half” trick, before emerging. In the comments, people trolled on Larissa, saying the other dancers managed better and looked professional. But, of interest, in the extended info on the Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed! video, she’s not listed as a dancer. Neither are Belle, Maria and Curtis. One person commented, “What’s up with the haters 🤷🏽.” But, maybe they don’t follow 90 Day Fiance, so they can’t understand that some TLC fans see it as a national sport to troll on her.

Why do fans hate on Larissa?

Not everyone who watches Jack Alexander: Magician Exposed! watches 90 Day Fiance. So, they may not be aware that some people hate everyone who tries to move to the USA. They claim they just want a green card. But, in the case of Larissa Lima, hate rose when fans found out she left her kids back in Brazil. When she underwent surgery, she claimed it would help her support her kids. But, haters don’t think that she cares about them.

On the other hand, most of Larissa Lima’s loyal fans just wish her the best life and a happy one.

What do you think about Larissa’s magical performance? Let us know in the comments down below.

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