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Watch Goofy Video: Adam Busby Gets Creepy With Cleaver

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Just in time for Halloween? Adam Busby uploaded a goofy video to his Instagram Stories of himself wielding a massive cleaver knife. What has the OutDaughtered dad swinging a giant cleaver knife around and making goofy faces? Keep reading to find out!

Adam and Danielle Busby did a lot of renovating to the home.

The home the Busby family lives in was never meant to be their forever home. It was a temporary solution to a problem. But, Danielle, Adam, and their six beautiful girls fell in love with the home. So, they decided to keep it.

Now, we know Adam and Danielle Busby did a serious amount of renovations to the home. There were multiple periods of time where they had to plan trips out of the house for a day or several days to get the girls out of the home during certain projects. For example, the quints being in the home while they were painting wasn’t a good idea. Too many little fingers tempted to touch wet paint. 

Renovations, however, appear to have nearly wrapped up and the Busbys are enjoying their forever home. We know they felt the need to make some pretty big changes to the home. Why? So it would grow with their girls. After all, they need a lot of room.

Now, there were a lot of ups and downs about renovating a large portion of the house. For starters, Danielle Busby learned they have way too many coffee mugs in the house. She revealed that her and Adam learned how to survive with a single coffee mug per person. So, she wasn’t sure why they tortured themselves with having so many.

On the downside of things, the renovation caused the Busbys to misplace some of their favorite things. For example, Adam Busby admits he hasn’t been able to find a chopping tool he really loved using in the kitchen.

Adam Busby substitutes a cleaver for a chopping tool.

The OutDaughtered dad admits he really loved the chopping tool he can’t seem to find. He used it to chop up a lot of different types of food when cooking for the quints and Blayke. But, he hasn’t been able to find it.

So, he decided to get creative. Instead, he’s been using a massive cleaver to chop up food for his girls. In the video below, you can watch Adam Busby show off his giant cleaver and make some seriously goofy faces.

So, do you have a favorite kitchen tool? Do you have a cleaver? What do you think of Adam Busby’s goofy video? Sound off in the comments!

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