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Fan Insists Savannah Chrisley Looks Like ‘A Dude’ With No Makeup

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Savannah Chrisley has been referred to as “fresh faced” by media outlets and fans as of late. Why? Well, because the Chrisley Knows Best star rarely makes a habit of showing her face without any makeup on.

In fact, the TV personality recently opened up about the girl people see on social media not being who she really is. That she created the persona she wanted people to see. Perfect. Glamorous. Lots of makeup. Always smiling. So, fans are a little caught off guard by her makeup free snaps.

Now, most of her followers are here for her “fresh baby face.” But, not everyone likes seeing Savannah Chrisley without makeup. In fact, some insist she looks like a whole different person. One individual is even arguing she doesn’t even look like a female without her usual war paint on her face.

Fan insists Savannah Chrisley is ‘a dude’ in makeup free snap.

Savannah Chrisley posted a snap of herself pushing the Very Chrisley Christmas Box on Instagram. The post featured a “fresh baby faced” Savannah. She appeared to have zero makeup on her face. And, her black hoodie only highlighted her lack of makeup and pale complexion.

One follower, however, insisted the fresh baby faced look wasn’t for Savannah. In fact, they thought it made her look like “a dude.” Especially with her short hair.

Now, the comment was liked half a dozen times. So, this individual wasn’t alone in not feeling Savannah’s makeup free look. But, Savannah does have 2.2 million followers. And, many of them were quick to defend her. They encouraged the individual to take their negativity elsewhere. Many felt the need to reassure Savannah Chrisley she was beautiful with and without makeup.

Makeup free Savannah was once compared to her little brother Grayson.

It wasn’t that long ago that some fans insisted a makeup free Savannah with short hair looked exactly like her little brother Grayson. These individuals believed stripping away the makeup removed many of her feminine features. And, her complexion was so pale and perfect that she looked extremely young. Pair her naked face with her short hair and boom. She looks exactly like her younger brother.

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

Naturally, Savannah Chrisley also had fans defend her during this comparison. They insisted of course she looked like her younger brother. They had the same parents. Siblings are supposed to look alike. But, they also insisted she was very much female. And, she was beautiful.

So, do you think Savannah Chrisley looks like ‘a dude’ without makeup? Sound off in the comments.

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