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Adam Busby Reveals His ‘All Time Favorite’ Photo Of His Girls

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OutDaughtered fans know Adam Busby is a self-taught professional photographer. He is always showing off new and upgraded equipment via his Instagram account. And, he tends to be the first in line when new photography equipment surfaces on the market.

Collectively, the family have A LOT of Instagram accounts. And, they post tons of photos across all of them. So, anyone would have a hard time picking a favorite. This should be especially true of Adam Busby. The man who spends tons of time taking and editing these photos. Turns out, however, Adam Busby does have a favorite. A photo he considers to be one of his “all time favorites photos” of his six beautiful girls. Fortunately, he was kind enough to reveal just what photo that was on his Instagram profile a few weeks ago.

Adam Busby reveals his all time favorite photo of his girls

During the second week of October, Adam Busby reveals he has finally begun to have some of his photos printed. Printed with the intention of displaying them in his home. Naturally, he and Danielle would have spent some time combing through his photos for some of their favorites. And, Adam decided the first print should be his all time favorite.

Turns out, it was a photo from the girls trip to Wyoming. The photo featured all six of his girls sitting in the snow decked out in winter ski gear. The girls backs were to the camera. Snowy mountain tops, a gorgeous snow blanket on the ground, a clear blue sky with just a few clouds, and a beautiful tree line could be see all around the adorable little girls in the photo. So, fans didn’t have a hard time seeing why Adam considered this to be one of his “all time favorite” snaps.

Fans react to the gorgeous photo

According to the caption, Adam Busby had the beautiful photo printed on a sheet of aluminum. In two weeks, the post has been liked nearly 100,000 times. His fans loved seeing the proud father with a huge smile on his face as he held the picture up for the camera.

Matt Roloff of LPBW even chimed in with how incredible the photo was in the comments. And, he wasn’t alone. Fans were in love with this gorgeous photo.

“Love that shot and that your printing your work bro! Something different and special about seeing it on a wall and not just on a screen,” one follower gushed.

A few jested that they would like to hire Adam Busby to take their family photos. Others just wanted to know more about how he edited such a beautiful photo.

So, do you like the photo Adam Busby considers to be one of his favorites? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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