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Adam Busby Recovering Nicely After Rough Knee Injury

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Surprisingly, Adam Busby revealed on Instagram recently he had been on the mend from a pretty rough knee injury. As Soap Dirt confirms, the OutDaughtered dad was never really specific with how the knee injury happened. And, we aren’t even sure when it happened. But, Adam confirmed it kept him out of the gym for a while. He, however, appears to have been recovering nicely. And, he’s recently started to hit the gym again.

Adam Busby and his wife Danielle love fitness

The OutDaughtered parents are very in tune to health and fitness. They both eat pretty clean diets (at least most of the times). And, they both spend a significant amount of time working out. Both Busby parents have made it clear they will put in the work to maintain their incredible bodies. Considering how many children they have, it makes sense that they would want to keep in shape to look out for them properly.

Fans of the TLC series know Adam and Danielle Busby owned a spin center for a period of time. But, they did sell their share of the business. They, however, make an effort to hit the gym as much as possible to keep in shape.

In fact, Adam Busby was able to hit the gym at a decent hour recently. Why? Because Uncle Dale Mills kept all six of his girls overnight. Now, Adam Busby wanted his wife Danielle to go to the gym with him. But, she shut down the suggestion. This was the first time since forever that she had a silent house. And, she just wanted to sleep in. After all, she never got to do that on a Saturday.

So, Adam Busby headed to the gym. And, Danielle Busby enjoyed the peace and silence of her home. And, she did so while curled up on the couch with their family dog.

The OutDaughtered dad admits he’s been out of the gym for a while

Now, fans can only assume finding time to go the gym with six little girls running around their home cannot be easy. Adam, however, explained in the comments he just forces himself to get up and go to the gym before they wake up in the morning. So, it makes for an especially early day for him.

But, his girls were not what kept him from hitting the gym. It also wasn’t the ongoing pandemic. In fact, he made it clear not too long ago that he wasn’t going to let the pandemic stop him from living his life. And, that included hitting the gym.

So, why did he stay away from the gym for a while? Well, it was that mysterious knee injury we mentioned previously. He revealed it kept him out of the gym for a while. But, he’s doing much better. And, he needs to work on getting back in shape. After all, he wants to be able to keep up with his smoking hot wife Danielle.

Unsurprisingly, his fans encouraged him to take it easy and listen to his doctors. So, did you know Adam Busby suffered from a knee injury recently? Are you surprised to see him pushing himself at the gym?

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