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Adam Busby Gets Sassy After Fan Accuses Him Of Looking Lazy

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Those who follow Adam Busby on Instagram may have noticed he’s decided to let his facial hair grow out some. A quick scroll through the OutDaughtered dad’s Instagram reveals he tends to go back and forth between being scruffy and being clean shaven.

But, it isn’t too surprising that fans have opinions on his facial hair. After all, they have opinions on just about everything else. And, equally unsurprisingly, fans have pretty mixed feelings on his facial hair. Some love it and some hate it. One fan, however, felt the need to voice their opinion. And, how do they feel about his growing beard? Well, they aren’t exactly a fan.

One fan insists Adam Busby not shaving is lazy

In one of his more recent Instagram posts, Adam Busby has one follower ask him to shave more often. The individual, however, didn’t seem to only have an issue with just Adam. This particular individual wasn’t a huge fan of the coronavirus look a lot of men seemed to have going with growing out both the hair on their head and their face.

“Shave, will ya? Why are guys not shaving anymore? It looks lazy,” the individual penned in the comments.

Now, as those who follow Adam Busby on Instagram know he is never one to ignore a troll. He’s always quick to clap back. So, it wasn’t too surprising that he has a sassy response to fire right back at the individual. The OutDaughtered father was quick to make it clear he could care less whether fans liked his beard or not.

The OutDaughtered dad only cares what one person thinks of his appearance.

Unsurprisingly, Adam Busby fired off with a very sassy response to the critical troll.

“I’m good … [OK emoji] My wife, [Danielle Busby], likes it and that’s the only opinion that I care about,” Adam Busby penned in response to the critical comment.

Other OutDaughtered fans couldn’t help but get in on the conversation. One individual pointed out there are a lot of reasons why a man might choose not to shave their face.

my husband isn’t shaving either (because he is treating a skin cancer and the chemicals are uncomfortable enough – let alone a razor dragging across) … but I’m LOVING it … change is necessary – you are rocking it (not that you cared or asked!!)”

Some fans even pointed out that Adam Busby was rocking the facial hair. And, the critical troll needed to back off. The real question is: do you like Adam busby’s scruffy look? Or, do you prefer him when he’s clean shaven? Let us know in the comments!

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