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Savannah Chrisley Blasts Biden, Trump, And All Politicians As ‘Liars’

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Savannah Chrisley is not a fan of politicians. In a now deleted post on Thursday night, the Chrisley Knows Best star made it clear she considered both Donald Trump and Joe Biden nothing but liars. She went one step further, as a matter of fact. She believes “all politicians” are untrustworthy.

Savannah’s post wasn’t just an attempt to rip into this year’s presidential candidates. In fact, her intent was apparently to try and get her followers to understand they needed to stick together, no matter who wins the election.

Alongside the post, which was a repost of one of her best friends, she included a caption talking about how she wanted people to treat those who vote differently from them.

“I am way less concerned with who you vote for than I am with how you treat the people that vote differently than you,” she wrote. “One of my best friends … wrote this that I am posting. I want you to think about this as you watch the debate tonight and are fighting amongst peers because of their political beliefs.”

Savannah Chrisley Claps Back At A Hater

When one of the Chrisley Knows Best fan’s followers attempted to engage, she made it clear she wasn’t having it.

“I WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE THE HUMAN RIGHTS THEY DESERVE,” she posted. “All I am saying is politics [sic] are liars. All of them … it’s how they become successful. So I just encourage everyone to be WONDERFUL human beings and love and support one another.” Savannah Chrisley later clarified she meant all “politicians” are liars, including Donald Trump and Joe Biden.”

Savannah’s entreaties didn’t have the effect she apparently intended. Most of her followers missed the point of what she was saying. More and more attacked the messenger. Eventually she took it all down.

They lost the message that everyone should treat Biden or Trump supporters with class and love. It’s not all that surprising, considering the political atmosphere in 2020. It’s a safe bet this is the last time Savannah will attempt this kind of message before the election.

Things will sort themselves out in just a few weeks. The reaction to the post, and that she took it down doesn’t bode well for her making a second try.

The Chrisley Family Talked Politics Before

Thursday’s post might have been one of the first time Savannah waded into the fray, but it’s not the first time someone from the family did the same. In 2016, her father, Todd, gave his opinion.

He spoke about the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. His tone at the time was like Savannah’s. When he posted, Todd wasn’t sure who to vote for in that election. He understood what was at stake, but that didn’t make it easier.

It appears he agrees with Savannah in the long run.

Teddy Lincoln

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