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Did Derick Dillard’s Sister-In-Law Shade Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar?

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Duggar fans heard from Jill Dillard that she and Derick left the Counting On show because they couldn’t plan their own lives. In a Q&A she and Derick talked about how it left them pretty much estranged from Jim Bob and Michelle. After spending some time with Jill and Derick, did his sister-in-law Deena just shade the Duggar parents in support of Jill?

Derick Dillard and Jill left the TLC show, Jim Bob Duggar not happy

We reported that Jill said they never controlled their own lives. The show and her parents made them live and work in places that suited them rather than Jill and Derick. And, she noted that they hold their own goals in life, but the family and the show kept them from achieving them. On YouTube, Jill and Derick said that reconciliation with Jim Bob and Michelle isn’t happening right now.

And, we noted that the Duggar parents said, “Every family has differences of opinion and perspective at times, but families work things out. We all love Jill, Derick, and their boys very much. It is our prayer that our relationship is healed and fully restored quickly!” And now, Deena said something about letting go of negative people. It came after she shared about spending some time with Derick and Jill at a pumpkin patch a few days go. If you don’t know, Deena married Derick’s brother, Daniel.

Deena shading Jim and Michelle?

Deena shared a card from Lessons Learned in Life. It talked about stepping back from “draining, negative,” and “incompatible” relationships. It also mentioned identifying relationships that hold you back. And, those that “discourage” you. The quote also mentions that some people needn’t sit front and center and it might better to love them “from distance.” And, some people should “just move to the balcony.”

Of course, that sounds very much like the situation that Jill and Derick find themselves in with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. While she may not have meant to shade Jill’s parents, some fans think it seems very apt. While few people commented on Deena’s post, when Without A Crystal Ball shared it on their Instagram, fans of Counting On discussed it there.

Fans talk about the post

One person sounded impressed with the card. They said they intended “stealing it,” adding that they feel happy Jill surrounds herself with more positive people than her “toxic” parents. And other TLC fans agreed that Derick’s family seems very nice in comparison. But other fans recalled that Jill said “healing takes time.” So, perhaps she still struggles with the division. After all, the Duggar family usually seems fairly tight with each other.

Considering the way it all turned out, maybe when Jim Bob first met and approved of Derick, he never realized he chose a man who prefers making his own decisions. Recall, Jim Bob Duggar smiled like a Cheshire cat when he first chaperoned Jill and Derick.

What did you think of the post that Deena shared about distancing from negative people? Do you think it shaded Jill’s parents? Sound off in the comments below.

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