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Tim Burton Could Bring ‘The Addams Family’ To Netflix

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Tim Burton is in talks to make a new live-action The Addams Family series. Deadline reported on Thursday the deal isn’t entirely done, however the famed director and producer has real interest in the project. It would be the first live-action TV series Burton has worked on.

Burton is negotiating for an executive producer role. He might direct all episodes, too. Smallville developers/executive producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar will be head writers for the new The Addams Family take. They’ll also serve as showrunners and executive producers alongside Burton.

MGM TV, owners of the rights to The Addams Family IP is financing development. There’s less of a question of if the Burton project is real but more when will it happen? Where it might land is still an open question.

For now, there are multiple bidders for the package. Netflix is among them. Deadline believes the streaming service is the front runner.

Fans of the series, or Burton, or both should be excited for Netflix win. It would likely mean fewer limitations in content than regular broadcast television.

It isn’t clear how far along in the process the bidding on the package is. It’s also not clear if production and shooting has started.

‘The Addams Family’ Plot

What Burton’s series will look like wasn’t announced. Rumors claim it will take place in modern times.

Wednesday Addams would be the focus of the show’s point of view. Stories would take on her point of view and reactions to what’s going on in our world these days.

There are plenty of ideas for a “fish out of water” story line. Indeed, Wednesday’s appearance fits into our world in certain ways better than it did in 1964 when the original program debuted.

Since it first hit television, The Addams Family had a cult following. However, the series lasted just two seasons.

Tim Burton’s Latest Take

Since that 1960’s original, there have been plenty of people who have taken a swing at reproducing the weird clan and everything they represented. Animated movies and televisions series have come in droves.

The latest animated iteration includes Charlize Theron as family matriarch Morticia and Oscar Isaac as her husband, Gomez. Chloe Grace Moretz gave voice to Wednesday.

Other well-known actors have taken on those roles over the last few decades. The big difference here is Burton’s influence.

On its face, it seems like a perfect match. The producer and director routinely works on projects that have a dark undertone. Many of those, it turns out, also center on fish out of water stories such as A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Gothic comedy is his forte. That he’s journeying into television for the first time is the headline. Where the project lands could have a big effect on the finished product, which is why Netflix feels like the best fit.

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