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Erika Jayne Trolled For Giving Credit To A Fashion Designer On Instagram

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Erika Jayne has become the butt of her own joke. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star got backlash on social media when she posted a meme without giving credit. While her co-stars shared their love for the meme, the fan account that created the image wasn’t happy. But Erika refused to give her credit.

Instead, she credited her co-star Kyle Richards, who has no association with the photo. But Erika claims that Kyle was the one who took the photo. Fans jumped into the post and defended the fan.

Regardless, Erika hasn’t done herself any favors. She defended herself and slammed the “haters” in the meantime. But her fans won’t let her forget what happened.

RHOBH star feuds with Bravo fan page

Erika Jayne isn’t feuding with her co-stars. Instead, she’s feuding with fans. On Monday, October 19, she posted a meme of herself, Lisa Rinna, and Robyn Dixon wearing the same hot pink blazer dress. The meme compared them to the Pink Ladies from the iconic movie Grease. The meme came from the Brands by Bravo Instagram account. But Erika failed to credit the fan who came up with the idea.

Brands by Bravo asked Erika to credit her for the meme. Then she received a response from Erika that fans claimed was “so rude.”

“Hey. That’s my photo! Can you credit me [please]?” Brands by Bravo asked in Erika’s post.

“Actually it’s not your photo. It’s Bravo and Paramount photo but ok. Cute meme though,” Erika snapped back.

“I know that. But the meme and the caption were my ideas,” the creator explained. “I’m a huge fan of yours and nearly passed out when I saw you posted my meme. I just wanted credit for it. And in my post, I credited Bravo for the photo. Thanks!”

Still, Erika refused to back down. She told the Instagram account that they didn’t deserve credit because it wasn’t a unique meme. Erika also claims that the images don’t belong to them. She then took to her Instagram Stories where she told her followers that she’s “not giving a f***.”

Erika Jayne gets trolled on Instagram

But fans haven’t forgotten what happened. Just a day after the feud, Erika Jayne took to Instagram to repost a photo from a previous account. But it wasn’t from a fan.  It was from a fashion designer, which she had no problem giving credit to.

The photo showed Erika sitting on a couch in a baby blue ensemble. She also held a glass in her hand. The Pretty Mess author wrote in the caption that the image is what “my laptop camera sees every day at 5PM .” Then, she added: “Real Housewives reality check: It’s virtual happy hour somewhere.”

Fans took to Erika’s post to bring up the feud. They trolled her because she credited Alexander Wang NY, who posted the original image. Others joked that she learned how to repost and give credit.

  • “I see you know how the repost app works. That’s amazing.”
  • “So you do know how the repost app works, ok boomer.”
  • “Why not be thankful to your fans and memes? A real woman knows her strength but strengthens others. Come on!!”
  • “Is anyone surprised? She’s never cared about her fans. She’s cared about her fame.”
  • “You can give Alexander Wang credit but not a fan page? Do you forget what you used to look like? In the words of Aaron you really do need to look in the mirror ….. you don’t own s*** about yourself.”

Most followers were turned off by the post. They noticed that she had no issue with crediting Alexander Wang. But she was reluctant to credit a fan who created a meme that went viral. They feel that Erika should be reminded of her humble beginnings. According to them, she wouldn’t be anywhere without her fans.

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