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‘The Little Couple’: Sweet Little Rocky Gets A Special Gift From Jen & Bill

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The Little Couple family often shares photos of the kids, Zoey and Will, with the family pet, Rocky. The little doggy shows signs of aging as his muzzle sprouts gray hairs. So, Jen and Bill gaved Rocky a special gift. Then, Jen shared a cute photo of Zoey and Rocky together.

The Little Couple and a cute dog named Rocky

We reported a few weeks ago, that when Zoey turned nine years old, they visited some stables. Dr. Jen asked her fans to guess about her daughter’s favorite animal. Naturally, it turned out that she loves horses and ponies. So much so, that she asked Jen if they could keep one. Closer to home, though, both Will and Zoey clearly adore Rocky. Very often, the little dog photobombs pictures of the kids. And, fans know that Will loves nothing better than cuddling up to the cute family pet.

Diehard fans of The Little Couple know that way back in 2010, Bill and Jen already took Rocky a rescue dog, into their home. Back then, he featured as the only “baby” in the family. Two years old at the time, Rocky is no longer a young dog. Now part of a family of four humans, Rocky lives in a loving home and gets and gives lots of cuddles. However, Jen noted that Rocky tends to hog the bean bag chair. So, they gave him his very own special doggy chair/bed.

Rocky & Maggie bed for the little rescue dog

Jen shared about the new bed/chair for their dog. She said, “Rocky loves taking over our bean bag chair so for the holiday we decided to give him his own comfy Beach Ball Bed for dogs.” She also told fans that they can order them in from Many TLC fabs agreed that it looked comfortable and cute. Especially, as Zoey squeezed her herself alongside the pooch who snoozed comfortably.

Plenty of The Little Couple fans commented on the cute photo.

  • “I love how much Zoey loves Rocky. He is truly blessed. So darn cute. ♥”
  • “Blessed him two Beauties ❤️💙.”
  • “Pretty Zoey and sweet Rocky😍🦋.”
  • “Hiya Rocky. I bet that’s super comfy! Especially with a sweet girl giving you cuddles. ♥️♥️”
  • “They are both darling. Look how old Rocky has gotten, little sweetie.❤️”
  • “Aww. Too cute. Just look at those dimples! She’s so beautiful.”
  • “Aweeeee sooo sweet! ♥️♥️.”

Beach Ball Bed for dogs

While Dr. Jen directed fans to rockyandmaggies, other sites also sell similar products. Nautical Luxuries also stocks them in a range of colors and sizes. Olive Green Dog also advertises them as “super comfy” for pets. And, looking at  Rocky dozing on his bed, it seems like a true story.

What do you think of the comfy gift that Bill and Jen gave Rocky? Do you agree that The Little Couple pet seems right at home sleeping in it? Sound off in the comments below.

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