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‘The Family Chantel’ Fans Slam Pedro As Selfish After Chantel Fails Nursing School

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The Family Chantel brings a lot of drama once again. And, much of that focuses on Chantel’s brother Royal. He married Angenette from the Philippines, and the family goes off at her and her family. But, that doesn’t mean Pedro and Chantel get ignored. And, fans saw how Pedro reacted when Chantel failed Nursing school. They slammed him as totally selfish.

The Family Chantel drama as usual with Chantel and Pedro

So much drama comes on the TLC spinoff, that it’s amazing the producers fit it all in. And yes, as the show and trailers revealed, her brother Royal gets a lot of attention. The family’s crazy about the fact he married Angenette and rushed off to confront her family. Right there with them, Chantel takes part in the character assassination. And, we noted that seemed a bit ironic after the drama Chantel and Pedro experienced throughout the 90 Day Fiance series.

We also noted that things seem a bit better between Pedro and Chantel this season. But, with Chantal and Pedro, there’s always plenty of room for drama and disagreement. Actually, it seems the apple fell pretty close to Karen’s drama tree.

In the latest episode, fans saw that Chantel failed at nursing school. She passed some stuff, but the final exam seemed too difficult for her. So, the school suggested she reapply. Obviously upset she cried. But The Family Chantel fans also noticed that Pedro lacked compassion.

Fans slam Pedro as selfish

Well, the followers of the show know that Chantel went off and studied. And, they also know that Pedro waits for her to finish up. That’s because he also hopes to improve his chances of a better job by studying. However, he took a step back and worked so she could get out of school first. That seems quite nice, actually. But, fans forgot that when he revealed his disappointment at her failing.

Meaww reported that “Chantel was not happy to see Pedro disappointed.” When Chantel said that she knows Pedro feels not very proud of her, he agreed. Pedro replied, saying, “I’m not proud of you right now.” Chantel made much drama about that, alleging her friends feel “proud” of her. Well, Pedro can’t really help feeling down. After all, what’s to be proud of in failure? Especially, as he now waits even longer before he studies. But, plenty of angry The Family Chantel fans slammed Pedro.

Chantel also gets her share of slamming over failed Nursing School exams

One fan hated on Pedro by writing, “Pedro… a lot of nerve.” They talked about the “pressure” Chantel experiences with “her family and her studies.” Plus, they noted that she only “fell a little short. One additional semester and she will be done. Get over it.” Plenty more fans also slammed Pedro alleging he acted in a “selfish” manner. But not everyone took sides with Chantel.

One The Family Chantel critic wrote, “So Miss Perfect did not pass nurses school!! I never thought she had it in her. She is going on interviews before even getting ready for the State Boards. Need to crack the books, Study For your boards. Buy the exam that has the disk.”

Which side are you on in this drama? Is Pedro selfish, or did Chantel just squander studying time? Sound off in the comments below.

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