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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Try To Find Key To Telling Twins Apart

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If you’re someone who has problems telling the OutDaughtered twins apart, you are very much not alone. It turns out there are more fans of the Busby clan out there than you might expect who went searching for help on Tuesday morning.

It all started innocently when Adam Busby shared an Instagram post. The point of the post was to show his followers the “big smiles and positive vibes” in the car on the way to school.

In the back seat sat one of the Busby twins with beloved dog Beaux on her lap. While the pooch had a rather dubious look on his face, the little OutDaughtered star was indeed, all smiles.

Looking happy and ready to go, complete with a big red bow in her blonde hair, Busby fans oohed and awwed over the photo. Then one fan asked a question others had trouble answering.

“It drives me crazy that I still can’t tell the twins apart, even though I’ve been here since literally day one, five years ago,” one follower posted.

Another told the first it was easy to tell, at least in this picture. The girl shown was Olivia Marie.

Still another agreed with the first, while lamenting that the Busby parents seems to have fun not letting people know. The follower said she always had to rely on other fans to help.

Color-Coded ‘OutDaughtered’ Twins?

The poster who claimed she could tell the Busby twins apart said that Olivia has a smaller, rounder face. Ava is also shorter than ther twin, according to this fan.

She added the smiles were different too. Olivia’s smile is more closed and Ava’s smile is wider.

Other fans hinted that the clan used a kind of color coding for each kid. Some said Olivia’s earings are always a darker color. Ava’s are supposedly lighter or even white.

Others chimed in that they too usually used the earrings, (when they can be seen) to tell the little ones apart.

While some of the OutDaughtered fans continued to battle it out in the comment section about the best way to tell the difference between Ava and Olivia silver or clear accessories compared to pink appeared to win the day as the best sign of who was who.

The Family’s Long Running Mystery

As to why the twins are so often part of a guessing game, one Instagram follower laid it out.

Adam and Danielle Busby have better things to do than constantly answer people’s questions about which child is which. It’s also entirely their decision if they want to keep it a bit of a secret.

There is an added bonus for those who try to decide whether they’re looking at Olivia or Ava. Those that crack the code can hold themselves up as very devoted OutDaughtered fans.

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