Below Deck Med Hannah and Sandy Fight

‘Below Deck Med’ Stars Hannah And Captain Sandy Spar Over Kiko

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Below Deck Med stars Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn will not be sharing Christmas cards this year. The bad blood fomented a year ago and carrying over this season is clearly still there.

The animosity between the Super Yacht captain and her former First Stew surfaced early in their latest reunion. E Online got a sneak peek of the ongoing feud. This time around, the argument was over Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran.

In the clip, host Andy Cohen asked Hannah whether Kiko was in over his head. “I just feel like we kind of should’ve…at least tried to lift him up and give him support,” Hannah replied. “I don’t really feel like that was there…”

Before Hannah could finish her sentence, Sandy interjected her own opinion. “I did that every day, Kiko,” The Wellington’s captain snapped. “Did I not come support you in the beginning? Did I not stand shoulder to shoulder with you and wash dishes?”

The former Stewardess was quick to point out that wasn’t the kind of support she was talking about. “I’m not talking about washing dishes. Like, a deckhand can come wash dishes,” she replied. “I’m talking about his mood and like, lifting him up.”

‘Below Deck Med’ Stars Not Seeing Eye To Eye

Hannah’s claims about how Kiko was treated aboard the ship are nothing new. She expressed a similar viewpoint right before he was fired.

Sandy warned the chef in the days before his termination he was in trouble. However, Hannah took it upon herself to try and save his job.

A “Vegas Night” menu filled with finger foods such as nachos was the final straw. During the dinner, Sandy told Kiko he was effectively fired, pending the end of the charter.

Hannah became visibly upset when news of the firing reached her. Sandy believes this is part of the divide between the captain and her former first stewardess.

In the sneak peek clip, Sandy said a chef needs to check his ego and his emotions. “This is about running a boat, this about doing your job,” she added.

Hannah said she was answering the question Cohen asked her.

Bad Blood

The argument between the pair was hardly surprising. It’s been obvious for a while now Sandy and Hannah aren’t fond of each other.

Any chance of patching up a relationship ended with the firing of the veteran stewardess this past season. After Malia sent Sandy pictures of valium and a marijuana pipe in Hannah’s belongings, the ship’s captain had no choice.

Even with her hands tied with policies from the company that owns the Below Deck Med yacht, Hannah felt like her boss didn’t handle things all that well. That included a rather tense exchange as the former First Stew left the boat for the last time.

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