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Audrey Roloff Gets Candid In Mom-Photo But Critics Think She Overuses Filters


Little People, Big World fans speculate that Audrey Roloff tints her son’s hair color so it looks red like hers. But, it could just be that she uses different filters on her photos. And, some critics think she overuses them. So, maybe it’s a filter that highlights the red in Bode’s hair. When she got candid with a photo in a mom-pic, a lot of fans hated the tint.

Audrey Roloff tinting and filtering photos

We reported that Bode’s unnaturally red hair seems suspicious to critics. As they think she tells lies when she denies her very dark red hair being colored. They think she tints Bode’s hair. Maybe by photoshop, or with some sort of child-friendly dye. They think “she’s intentionally giving her son’s hair a red tint in the photos…to further strengthen her argument that her vibrant red locks are natural.”

On Monday, the Little People, Big World alum shared a candid shot of her with the two kids sitting in her lap. She captioned it with, “A typical morning: messy bun, coffee stained sweater, cuddled up with my little loves in our “morning chair,” reading The Jesus Storybook Bible.” While lots of fans loved the photo of Audrey Roloff, others thought it was not a for-real candid and unposed shot. Some of them complained about tinting and filtering effects.

Orange Audrey

Critics noticed that the whole picture looked orange. And, with her tan, which they suspect as fake, she looked very orange. Some critics talked about how she uses too many filters. Well, Jeremy made some and sells them, so that’s probably why she uses them all the time. But, the look comes over very strange, some people believe. Lots of people commented on orange Audrey Roloff.

  • “Why are you so orange?”
  • “This is definitely anything but [natural]. 😂😂😂 #stopwiththeorangefilter
  • “Gorgeous moment but why are you a funny colour? It spoiled the picture 😔.”
  • ” I Like the filters, they make the backgrounds look great but it kinda does a lot on the skin tones.”
  • “thought it was a spray tan gone wrong. It’s so orange!”
  • “Oomba loompa doopty doo. It looks like you have serious jauntis, (sic.)”

Nevertheless, other fans of Audrey Roloff just loved the overall message of the picture.

The overall message, orange or not is appreciated

Setting aside the critics about filters, tinting and fake tans, other loyal fans just adored the message the picture delivered. One said, “My takeaway here has nothing to do with presets or spray tans. 😜 just ordered this book (and a slew of Christmas books because it’s never too early and one can never have too many)!”

Then, another Audrey Roloff fan noted, “Treasure this picture…I have no candid pictures of me with my littles. These will be the pictures they love most one day💕.”

Do you think it matters if Audrey uses filters or fake tints? Sound off in the comments below.

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