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‘The Bachelorette’ Preview: The Men Drop Their Drawers For Clare

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Last week fans finally saw the long-awaited premiere of The Bachelorette. ABC has been touting the “shocking” season for months. Due to the coronavirus, filming for the dating show was delayed. 

And then came the revelation that Clare Crawley found love early on and quit the show. ABC seemed to confirm this during the premiere, though they stopped short of confirming the rumored new Bachelorette Tayshia Adams. 

Even knowing that Clare finds love, fans still want to know how she got to that level with Dale Moss so quickly. The show continues this week as the men compete for Clare’s affection. But the competition gets a little too hot for TV censors to handle! 

The Men Play Dodgeball..With a Twist

In a teaser for the upcoming episode, host Chris Harrison welcomes the men to “Clare’s Extreme Dodgeball Bash.” But Clare wants to take the competition to the next level. She invites the men to play strip dodgeball. The Bachelorette lead took to her Instagram a few days ago to tease Chris Harrison about the turn of events. 

In the photo, the hairdresser sports a white crop top and black exercise pants. Standing next to her is Chris Harrison looking amused but he is less amused in the comment section. She teases him in the caption, joking she’s “not sure” if he’s ready for the new episode. 

Since she tagged him in the post, he saw the caption and left his own comment. He wrote, “There’s things I’ll never be able to unsee…thanks a lot Clare 🙈.”

Well, based on the promo that he shared on his own social media, several of the men took up Clare’s challenge. In the video, a few of the men strip down to their birthday suit! The censors worked overtime with the black squares to keep the show family-friendly. 


But the promo shows that not all of this week’s episode is fun and games. 

Things Get Tense on The Bachelorette When No One Wants to Hang Out With Clare 

Another part of the teaser shows the men starting to question Clare and Dale’s growing connection. Some of the men think she doesn’t know the true Dale. In the clip, Clare and Dale share several steamy kisses. 

But at one point, Clare is open to talking to some of the other men. However, it seems none of them want to hang out with her, per Cosmo! She is heard in the trailer saying, “If you guys all wanna hang out with each other, you can do that and I can go home and go to bed.”

Clare is ‘Grateful’ For The Bachelorette Contestants and Crew

Throughout the Season 16 premiere, Clare Crawley repeatedly thanked the men for joining her season. As you may recall, the show made some changes to the show during the pandemic. Most notably, they replaced some of the contestants with more ‘age-appropriate’ ones. At 39, Clare Crawley is the oldest Bachelorette in the history of the show. This seems to be something fans will hear about a lot. 

Even though filming is over and she’s happily in love, Clare Crawley is still grateful. She recently took to her Instagram account to give the cast and crew a shoutout. She shared a photo of herself from the premiere night, surrounded by the handsome contestants. In the caption, she wrote, “I will forever be grateful for not only each and every one of these men you see, but for all of our friends behind the scenes working that took months out of their life, away from their families, all for the pursuit of love!”


Well, it seems she found love on the show. But fans will have to tune in to see it all go down. The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays on ABC. Be sure to follow our Facebook page for all the latest TV news!

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