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Fans SLAM ‘The Bachelorette’ For Naked Dodgeball

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The Bachelorette fans are not happy with the show’s latest stunt. In a clip for the Tuesday, October 20 episode, the male contestants get naked. Surprisingly, many fans took to Instagram to call out the show for having double standards. 

The Men Play Strip Dodgeball

In a promo shared on the official ABC Instagram for The Bachelorette, a simple game of dodgeball gets steamy. The men are ready to play “Clare’s Extreme Dodgeball,” but she surprises them with a twist. 

Inquisitr reports that Clare challenges the contestants to play strip dodgeball. After each round, the team with the lowest scores have to remove an item of clothing. First comes the shirts, then the shorts, etc.

In the promo, it appears that one of the teams loses everything and ends up naked on the court. Of course, there’s a chance the show is using creative editing to draw in the viewers. 

But regular viewers of the franchise are not amused by the stunt. 

Fans SLAM The Bachelorette For Double Standards

You’d think that an audience of mainly women would be into the eye candy. But it turns out many fans of The Bachelorette don’t like ABC’s cheap stunt. They flooded the Instagram comment section on the promo to blast the network.

Some fans felt that the show would never put female contestants in that kind of situation. In fact, one fan says the show “would be cancelled” if a Bachelor even suggested it. One fan pointed out that men deal with insecurity issues, too. And they feel ABC and Clare Crawley should both know better. 

  • Here are just a few of the many comments slamming the strip dodgeball segment: 
  • This show would be cancelled if the bachelor asked female contestants to play strip anything.
  • i’m sorry but this is so weird.. why do they have be naked?
  • Double standards
  • Sorry but asking guys to be naked on tv is being rude. I used to like the show but thats too much.
  • Exploitive and just wrong. You are desperate for ratings I guess.
  • C’mon. Don’t ask these men to strip when it’s clear she’s all in on another guy. Who okayed this?!
  • If this was women would this be okay?
  • If the roles were reverse[d] this would be totally acceptable!! Men have insecurities/standards as well. As the oldest Bachelorette she should know this is rude


More Drama in the House Than the Dodgeball Court

While fans may not be happy about the dodgeball debacle, the men seemed to enjoy it. In fact, they had such a good time that later Clare feels abandoned for the budding bromances. Another promo shows The Bachelorette asking if anyone wants to spend time alone with her.

In the same clip, she threatens to go to bed so the boys can bond. Fans will have to tune in to see what happens between Clare and her suitors. 

Do you think strip dodgeball is going too far? Scroll down to the comments and leave us your thoughts! 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays on ABC. The network moved the show from its usual Monday time slot because of the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

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