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Erika Jayne Claps Back At Fan Who Asks For Credit For Posting Meme

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Erika Jayne wanted to make a cute joke about her and her friends. However, it didn’t go over well with fans. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a meme. But she failed to credit the fan who made it.

Bravo fans are one of the most creative fan bases. They make impressive memes and GIFs of their favorite reality stars. Erika took notice of one particular meme that’s been making the rounds on social media. Although the fan asked politely, Erika clapped back at the fan for asking.

Read on to find out about the drama.

Erika Jayne posts a meme on Instagram

On Sunday, October 18, Erika Jayne shared a throwback photo of the matching pink jacquard blazer dresses that she and her costar Lisa Rinna wore to a dinner party on Season 10 of RHOBH. The photo also included a screenshot of Real Housewives of Potomac star Robyn Dixon, who also owns the same dress. The meme also included “The Pink Ladies” from the iconic movie Grease.

Erika dubbed her and her Bravo friends “Frenchy, Rizzo, and Marty.” The meme came from the fan account brandsbybravo. However, Erika failed to credit the fan. Instead, she gave photo credit to Kyle Richards for some unknown reason. In the post, Erika also tagged Rinna and Robyn.

Erika’s post got over 66,000 likes. She also got over 1,600 comments, most from fans who begged her to give the fan credit for the meme. Most were disappointed at Erika’s pettiness. Here are just some of the comments:

  • “Credit is due.”
  • “Damn stealing memes is so 2012.”
  • “Not crediting the original creator is uncool! Be cool & credit @brandsbybravo!”
  • “Please give credit to the original creator @brandsbybravo.”
  • “Just tag @brandsbybravo and be done. No need to be petty!”

The drama continues…

Another fan account commentsbybravo caught wind of Erika’s post. But there was no mention of her not crediting the fan for the meme. Instead, the account spun a positive side to her post.

It reshared the post along with the caption: “Third time’s a charm.” No, it wasn’t talking about asking Erika to credit the fan. It was talking about the three Pink Ladies. However, commentsbybravo did credit brandsbybravo for the meme. Fans didn’t want to talk about the Grease comparisons in the comments section. Instead, they talked about the drama.

  • “Damn how about Erika applies this energy into theshow…it might actually make RHOBH more entertaining.”
  • “You should post Erika’s replies to the person who made this photo!”
  • “Offended on behalf of the pink ladies.”
  • “Damn Erika got her personality switched back on.”
  • “Wow guess the rumors are true… You are a rude old lady.”

In the post, brandsbybravo found herself at odds with Erika. She commented: “Hey! She took my photo. @theprettymess can you credit me Please?” Erika fired back: “@brandsbybravo Hey she took @kylerichards18 photo!!! Be sure to credit Kyle!”

Erika responds to the backlash

The RHOBH star took to her Instagram Stories to respond to the backlash. She didn’t apologize. And she didn’t credit the fan. Instead, she claimed that she credited the person in that post. As of Monday, October 19, she hasn’t updated the post.

erika jayne instagram stories
[Screenshot from Erika Jayne’s Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Erika’s reaction to the fan? Do you agree that she should credit the fan for using their post? Sound off below in the comments section.

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