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Savannah Chrisley Erases All Traces Of Nic Kerdiles From Her Instagram

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Any hope of Savannah Chrisley and Nic Kerdiles rekindling their flame and getting back together has officially gone out the window. Why? Well, because it seems as if Savannah Chrisley spent some time wiping every trace of Nic Kerdiles from her Instagram profile. And, considering how long the duo had been together, we can only imagine it probably took a significant amount of time to delete all those photos!

Savannah Chrisley even removes break-up confirmation from Instagram.

A quick scroll through Savannah Chrisley’s Instagram reveals a lot of pictures are missing. And, this includes the post dedicated to confirming she and Nic Kerdiles decided to split up. Now, this was a pretty swift and silent action on Savannah’s part. So, fans are not really sure what caused her to decide to remove all traces of Nic from her profile just a month after the breakup. Perhaps it was too painful to see photos of them together?

Todd Chrisley had several photos of Nic Kerdiles on his profile, they are also gone.

Likewise, it looks as though Savannah Chrisley was ready to wipe Nic Kerdiles from her life completely. Why? Well, she didn’t stop at her own profile. A deeper dive reveals her family has also removed him from their profiles as well.

Todd, in particular, had several photos of Nic Kerdiles hanging out with various members of the family. All of these photos now appear to be gone. Unfortunately, it looks like Nic Kerdiles has been erased from the family completely.

He, however, appears to have also erased her from his profile.

Removing a person from Instagram works both ways. And, it appears as if Nic Kerdiles decided to remove Savannah from his profile as well. He, however, didn’t stop at Savannah. As fans might recall, Nic Kerdiles did wish Nanny Faye a happy birthday on her birthday this year. His birthday wish to Nanny Faye also appears to have been removed from his profile. So, it doesn’t look like Nic Kerdiles will have any type of ongoing relationship with Savannah’s family.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much of an update to offer on Nic Kerdiles. While Savannah has been extremely active on social media, her ex has not. In fact, it was three weeks ago that Nic Kerdiles last updated his profile. He does, however, post on his Instagram Stories from time to time.

We know Nic Kerdiles appeared to take the breakup kind of hard. He traveled to visit and lean on his family for support. And, he spent a lot of time at the gym working on his breakup body.

So, does it make you sad to know they’ve erased each other from their Instagram accounts? Were you hoping they would get back together? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.


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