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‘Big Brother’ Fans Aren’t Buying Tyler Crispen’s Motives And Apology To Da’Vonne Rogers

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Tyler Crispen tried to take a bullet for Big Brother housemates Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers because he said he wanted to amplify their movement. From the get go, some members of the cast and fans of the show doubted his motives. Not long after he hatched his plan, things didn’t go as planned.

Da’Vonne said Tyler did what he did as a broader strategy. He designed the strategy to help himself, rather than any Black Lives Matter movement that was important to his roomies.

Da’Vonne confronted Tyler about his motives in the jury house, and he broke down. She eventually accepted his apology. However, according to Cheat Sheet, Big Brother fans aren’t so willing to move on.

Part of the reason some aren’t buying Tyler’s explanation is that there’s been plenty of drama between the trio. They had a blowout in Season 20 but forged a safety pact for Season 22.

However, Tyler repeatedly encouraged his final two ally, Christmas Abbott, to target Bayleigh if she won Head of Household.  Tyler blamed Bayleigh for voting emotionally during BB20. He thinks it caused him to lose.

After Christmas won HOH and Power of Veto, Tyler apparently reconsidered. He approached Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and told them he understood they were representing a bigger movement.

‘Big Brother’ Housemate Has Change Of Heart

Tyler offered to leave the house for his new allies. However, Christmas sent Bayleigh home instead.

After Bayleigh’s eviction, Da’Vonne told Tyler she was less than pleased he brought up Black Lives Matter as a reason for him to go home. She was even more bothered by his reneging on his offer.

Eventually, she confronted Tyler about whether he was honest in his motives. He claimed he was “dead serious” about the offer to leave in their place.

He added he understood why someone might doubt his rationale, but Christmas was the one who broke a deal. Tyler, according to the Big Brother star, going home would have hurt the HOH’s game.

During the confrontation, emotions flowed, and eventually, Da’Vonne accepted Tyler’s explanation. However, fans of the reality series aren’t sure.

Tyler’s Duplicity Leads To Doubts

The Big Brother survivor’s behavior before and after Bayleigh went home led some to believe he’s playing a bigger game. Some fans point to his not talking to Bayleigh after the ceremony.

Other followers found a quote from Tyler explaining his promise to leave. In that quote, he said he wasn’t “invested” in the Big Brother game. The Black Lives Matter movement took a back seat to his lack of desire to play.

Ultimately, Tyler Crispen and Da’Vonne Rogers remain in the house for now. How his behavior changes the dynamic as the season goes on is something to watch, especially as more people end up on the chopping block.

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