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‘Big Brother’ Alum Dick Donato Claims Context Is Needed For His N Word Clip

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Former Big Brother champ Dick Donato is in a spot of trouble. Another past contestant, Paul Abrahamian, tweeted out a clip of Donato using the N word.

Abrahamian said he shed light on the incident because he believes Donato needs to lose access. For his part, the Big Brother 8 winner apologized on Twitter for using the word, though added that it needs context.

“It’s been brought to my attention that Paul is posting a 5 second video where I said the N word,” Donato posted on Twitter. “I have no clue what context this clip was pulled from, I am assuming it is talking about BB15. Regardless, I’d like to make a public apology for using the word in any context.”

He added he understands there’s no excuse for using that word. He said he doesn’t know when or why he said the N word. Donato posited he might have just been joking around and saying something where he was mimicking speech used by rappers.

The former Big Brother champ explained he knew mimicking others wasn’t an excuse. He also apologized in no uncertain terms for using it.

Whether his unequivocal apology puts an end to the issue is something we must wait and see on.

‘Big Brother 8’ Winner Gets Support

After Donato’s apology, most of his Twitter followers expressed their belief in his words and supported him.

“As a black woman, I’m not about condemnation, I’m about reconciliation. If we want this world to become better on issues concerning race, we HAVE TO give people room to grow and change, and be repentant for past racial offenses with the option for forgiveness. So, I forgive you,” one follower wrote.

“It takes a very strong and always truthful man like Evel Dick to apologize for using the “N” word. I can see that you are incredibly remorseful for doing that. But I know that one thing for sure that Paul Abrahamian will never ever apologize for all of the times that he lied,” another tweeted.

However, not everyone took Donato’s apology at face value. Some users said they thought he was only apologizing because he got caught. They said that if he was sincere in how he felt, he would have apologized before the clip came to light.

As was the case when he was on Big Brother, Donato’s behavior causes strife in the fandom.

Evel Dick Donato Continues Controversial Path

Most Big Brother fans know Donato used to revel in controversy following him. He kept his housemates on their toes and off balance with his behavior. Sometimes he crossed the line.

The man made a point of being irascible and mean to the people he lived with. Because of that, it will be interesting to see how his former Big Brother contestants react to this news.

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