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Why ‘Big Brother’ Contestants Aren’t Allowed To Sing

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There are a lot of rules for Big Brother contestants. Some rules make sense. The idea the people in the house can’t go on social media makes sense.

There’s a reason the people in the house don’t see what’s happening in the real world.  Indeed, the contestants can’t see what viewers say about the program. However, the show has some rules that confuse outsiders.

One rule that viewers might not even know exists, confounds those who do. Big Brother house dwellers cannot sing when they’re on camera.

Some people who heard about the rule thought it had to do with not using the program as a kind of tryout for another career. They think contestants might sing all the time, hoping to land a recording contract.

There’s also the belief the rule is in place because it annoys roommates. However, Big Brother showrunners aren’t against drama. In fact, the producers of the reality television series love conflict. Conflict drives the ratings. Producers might even change the “no singing rule” if they thought warbling equaled eyeballs.

As Showbiz CheatSheet explained, the myriad of rules all have something to do with what they allow the show to broadcast. Being on network television further limits what sh0wrunners can allow and what they can’t.

‘Big Brother’ Singing Ban

So why can’t Big Brother contestants belt out a tune from time to time? It’s rather simple. The network doesn’t want to deal with licensing issues.

CBS makes a ton of revenue from its reality television show. If house dwellers started singing songs owned by other people, those people could sue the network. They could at least ask for a part of the profits.

To avoid this conflict, CBS doesn’t allow anyone to come close to singing music owned by other people. In fact, to avoid any hint of a conflict, they ban singing altogether.

Outsiders feel as though the rule is overly harsh, no doubt. Aspiring singers come through the house from time to time. Big Brother isn’t the place to start a recording artist’s career.

Breaking Bans Lead To Getting The Boot

Some rules Big Brother contestants and showrunners put in place are more suggestions than something iron clad. However, one should make no mistake that there are rules no one can break and stay on the show.

Dwellers leave the house for all kinds of reasons. Some get the votes by their roommates. Some get votes from viewers. And some broke rules the people in charge couldn’t allow.

To stick for the entire season, to win the whole thing, contestants need to keep the rules of the show at the front of their mind at all times. Those who are mindful of the program’s rules come out on top.

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