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Kelly Ripa Fans Think She Even Looks Cute In her Jammies

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Kelly Ripa sure collected a lot of adoring fans. It seems like almost everything she posts up on Instagram gets applauded. And now, they think she looks really cute in her jammies. Or, put it this way, they prefer the Live! With Kelly & Ryan star in jammies rather than her Christmas wrapping Gucci shirt.

Kelly Ripa reveals her navy-colored jammies

We reported that Kelly doesn’t often get critics as her fans just love her bubbly personality and stylish looks. But, she did get dragged a little bit for wearing Gucci head-to-toe. Not so much for wearing expensive clothes, but because she wore a shirt that fans thought looked like Christmas wrapping paper. And, many Kelly & Ryan fans felt it a bit out of season for that right now.

But, you can’t really go all that wrong with jammies. So, when she shared a promo for sleep aid products, fans applauded her choice of jammies. The Live! With Kelly & Ryan star wore navy blue button-up jammies with a  Persona eye mask. With white buttons, trimming and brand name, the color contrast looked very nice, fans of Kelly Ripa agreed. Mind you, some people reminder her she needn’t wear them at all when her hubby Mark Consuelos is around.

Fans react to Kelly’s promo for sleep aids

A lot of fans hate it when their reality TV stars promote things on their Instagram accounts. But hey, a girl’s gotta earn some money even if she lives in a fantastically luxurious home! Hello! Magazine reminds readers that she sleeps in a $27million townhouse!” The mom of three also lives there with Mark Consuelos, when he’s home. Right now he’s away in Vancouver filming for Riverdale.

Kelly Ripa captioned her photo on October 17 with a promo for sleep supplements. That makes sense actually as she often suggests she sometimes struggles with sleeping. But mostly, fans seemed rather more interested in her nice navy jammies. One fan commented, “Kelly, you even look gorgeous when you sleep 💗.” And, another one noted, “Hi kelly you always look amazing!”

More fans express their adoration for Kelly

Fans often check up on Kelly on Instagram because she posts regularly. When they saw the navy jammies, one fan thought they looked really cute. Gushing, they wrote, “Ur sooo cute 🌟.” Then, another one wrote, “My beautiful Kelly, you’re the best ❤️🙌.” And, if you wonder why fans of Kelly Ripa gush about jammies, there’s a very good reason for it. Did you know that a nice pair of jammies can help us feel happy?

Radiant Peach points out that Dr. Beth Ricanati noted no matter how bad your day is, making sure you feel comfortable and clean when you go to bed can actually help you sleep better. And if you’re going to go to the trouble of changing into sleep clothes anyway, ” why not chose something…cute.” Or, if you feel in the mood, something “soft and s*xy?”

What did you think of Kelly Ripa in her cute navy-colored jammies? Sound off in the comments below.

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