Big Brother Nicole Franzel Wedding Invites

‘Big Brother’ Star Nicole Franzel Accused Of Issuing Wedding Invites Based On Social Media Following

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When Big Brother alums Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo finally wed, there’s going to be an all-star group of attendees. Of course, no one is quite sure who will end up on the final guest list.

Franzel has famously changed her mind more than once. One person who never got an invite thinks he knows why.

Big Brother 15 winner, Andy Herren is close with Franzel. That’s why some people are shocked he hasn’t been invited to her wedding. He’s got a theory as to why.

Herren appeared on Rob Has A Podcast and talked about the theory.

“I thought it was kind of weird I didn’t [an invite.] But also I didn’t really hold that much against her,” he said. Someone from another Big Brother season cast earning an invited, despite not being friends with Franzel changed Herren’s outlook.

While Herren didn’t say who was the invitee, he did share what they told him when he voiced displeasure over his supposed friend’s choice.

“This person was like ‘I’m pretty sure I only got invited because I have such a big following,” he said before adding, “I think she’s kind of opportunistic and I don’t love this.”

Herren could earn an invite before the smoke clears.

Nicole Franzel Is Fickle

The Big Brother alum has changed her mind more than once. When it comes to who gets an invite to her nuptials, it seems to be almost a weekly thing.

This was most recently with Janelle Pierzina. The two have an on-again, off-again friendship. Of late, it’s off again.

Janelle’s wedding invite arrived earlier this year. Then the two had a following out during the most recent Big Brother run.

Franzel got the boot from the house because of Janelle. The bride-to-be didn’t take it well. After she left, she issued a missive to Janelle.

“I know you probably don’t want to come to my wedding, so just don’t worry about it.”

For her part, Janelle didn’t seem upset about the situation. “Just received my invite. 3k for hotel so Nicole’s reception and hotel stay can basically be comped. Glad I don’t have to go. I hate cheap a** weddings where the go to song is Cotton Eyed Joe,” she tweeted earlier this fall.

‘Big Brother’ Alum Is An Influence Chaser?

Unsurprisingly, Franzel isn’t admitting the rhyme or reason for invites to the ceremony. It’s unlikely she’d admit social media followers is a factor. However, she’s quite active on social media herself. It’s not surprising some of her friends and former friends think she’s being a bit shady.

Her fans and followers will just have to wait and see who is on the final guest list.

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