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Zach Roloff Gets Candid About Fatherhood, ‘LPBW’ Fans Love It

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Fans saw an adorable side of Zach Roloff during a recent Little People, Big World episode titled “Boxing Up the Past.” And, they are having a hard time getting over it! Likewise, Tori Roloff also can’t seem to stop gushing about her incredible husband. What was it that Zach Roloff did or said that has everyone falling in love with him all over again? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Zach Roloff watched the kids, Tori enjoys a spa day

One thing LPBW fans really seem to love about Zach and Tori is how they keep it raw and real. During a recent episode, Tori asked Zach if he would keep the children for the day. She wanted to go celebrate with her friend. And, she would be spending the day at the spa.

Naturally, Zach Roloff loves his children. He was happy to spend the day alone with them. He wanted his wife to go and have a good time. Zach reassured Tori he would keep things under control.

Zach Roloff, then, gets super candid with both the viewers at home and Tori. He explains why it is crucial for him to spend time alone with his children too.

He believes both parents need to step up.

Zach Roloff is a firm believer that being parents is a partnership. He doesn’t think a single parent should be doing the bulk of the work when it comes to caring for the children. So, he’s always happy to pitch in where Tori needs him. And, he never fights Tori needed a break or a brief getaway. After all, every mother needs a break from their children for the sake of their own mental health.

It’s not babysitting. You’re the dad. Take some responsibility. Moms bring something special to the table, so do dads. Embrace those moments when your kids are just looking at you because they are special.”

Turns out, Zach Roloff really doesn’t like it when fathers say they are babysitting their own children. In fact, he insists you really can’t babysit your own children.

Both fans and Tori Roloff love seeing this side of him.

This LPBW dad stepping up to the plate for his children is the wholesome content viewers watch this TLC series for. They love seeing how supportive Zach is of his entire family.

Tori Roloff took to Instagram shorty after this episode aired. She doted on how amazing her husband was. How much she loved him. And, how lucky she was to have him in her life.

“I love this man for all he does for our family and all he is for our family. Love you babe.” she gushed.

Little People, Big World fans joined Tori in gushing about how amazing her husband was. Many admitted to being jealous of their incredible relationship.

  • “I shouted ‘AMEN!’ When he said that love it and so true! I hate when people say Dad’s are babysitting.”
  • “Loved when he said that!! I was like yesss!”
  • “Real dads don’t babysit! They take care of their children.”
  • “He brought a LOT of smiles when he said that.” 

So, did you smile when Zach got candid about fatherhood?

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