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Which Duggar Woman Could Be Pregnant Next?

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It seems like the Duggar family is always growing. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids, and their kids are starting to get married and have kids of their own. Fans naturally enjoy speculating about who will be pregnant next. It’s likely that a pregnancy announcement is right around the corner. Perhaps someone will reveal their pregnancy at a family gathering during the holiday season.

Let’s take a look at who could be pregnant soon (if they aren’t already).

Who is currently pregnant?

Surprisingly, only two women in the family have announced their pregnancies publicly. Keep in mind that more of them may be pregnant and are just waiting to make the big reveal.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo are expecting their second daughter in November. She will join her big sister, Felicity, who’s 2 years old.

Joe and Kendra Duggar are also expecting. Their third child will arrive in February, joining Garrett, 2, and Addison, almost 1. The baby’s gender is either unknown or has yet to be announced.

Abbie Duggar

Abbie and her husband John-David could be preparing to grow their family. Their daughter Gracie will turn one in January, so if they announced a pregnancy soon, she would be a little over a year old when the baby arrives. It’s worth noting that Abbie did have a difficult pregnancy, so she might be waiting to add another little one to her family. Also, John and Abbie are slightly older than the other family members have been when they have gotten married. So, John and Abbie have less time to grow their family if they plan to do so biologically.

John and Abbie are doing things differently than the rest of the family. For example, Abbie went to college and she also worked outside of the home. Abbie wears pants, which isn’t allowed in the Duggar family. So, maybe they will approach the topic of kids differently and have a smaller family.


Jessa Seewald

Jessa and Ben Seewald currently have three little ones. Spurgeon is 4, Henry is 3, and Ivy is 1. The couple seems to enjoy their little family, but they will likely be adding to their family sometime soon. Ivy will turn two in May, so it’s possible they will have their fourth child around that time.

Something else that Jessa and Ben are considering is adoption. They’ve been open about looking into adopting their fourth child. But, since talking about it, they haven’t given an additional update on the process.

Jessa recently denied that she had a baby bump and claimed that she had just eaten tacos.

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She peers out the back door and says “Outside!” When I let her out onto the porch, she points to the swing set and says “Swing!” When she seated and the ride begins, she squeals, “Weee, weeeeee, WEEEE!!!” The smile on her face stretches from ear to ear. When I ask her if she’s done, she turns her head away from me and gives an emphatic “No!” So the ride continues until my arm workout is complete— and then I try to distract her with something else. 😁 I know she won’t always be this little. Before I know it, she’ll upgrade from the baby swing to a big kid swing, just like her brothers have. I’ll blink and she’ll be 6 years old, figuring out how to make that swing fly through the sky all by herself. I’ll blink again and she’ll be 16– and who knows if this favorite pastime of hers may well be a thing of the past! Babies don’t keep. They won’t always be little. Cherish the moments. ❤️

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Lauren Duggar

Lauren’s name has been swirling around due to Duggar fans thinking she’s hiding her pregnancy. She recently went to a peach orchard with her sister-in-law Joy Forsyth, but she failed to post any photos. Lauren’s daughter, Bella, is almost one year old. If Lauren is pregnant now, Bella would be around 18 months old when the second baby arrives.

Lauren might be keeping her second pregnancy a secret due to a previous miscarriage, which she was open about before having her daughter. Josiah and Lauren have talked about naming their kids in alphabetical order. They named the baby they lost Asa. So, perhaps baby C will be here soon enough.

So, which Duggar woman do you think will announce a pregnancy next? Share your thoughts below.

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