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Matt Roloff Reflects On When Zach Almost Died: ‘Thought His Heart Stopped’

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Season 21, Episode 3 of Little People, Big World was really emotional for both fans and the cast as it reminded Matt Roloff of the time his son Zach almost died.

Lilah Roloff had a health scare on this week’s episode.

LPBW fans know Zach and Tori Roloff share two beautiful children together. During Episode 3 of Season 21, Tori noticed Lilah was acting strange. All sorts of red flags went off for the mother of two. Eventually, they learned Lilah was suffering from an illness that nearly killed her father Zach when he was younger.

Wondering what exactly happened to Zach Roloff? Keep reading to find out.

Tori’s concern for her daughter having hydrocephalus grows.

During this week’s episode, poor Lilah just wasn’t feeling that great. At first, Tori suspected her daughter was suffering from allergies. Or, perhaps, she had a cold. But, then Lilah started to vomit. She didn’t seem comfortable. And, Tori suspected she was in pain.

Tori Roloff admitted that if Lilah was a typical sized child she wouldn’t be so concerned. But, her dwarfism causes Tori to worry about hydrocephalus. For those unfaimiliar of the condition, it causes extra fluid to build up around an individual’s brain. Moreover, Tori knew that Zach had hydrocephalus when he was younger.

“Zachary had hydrocephalus, and so for me, that’s always in the back of mind. It’s a big concern, because any time you have pressure on your brain, that can do damage.” The mother continued to worry.

So, what ended up being wrong with Lilah?

Not knowing what was wrong with Lilah was very hard on Tori. She became very emotional. Fortunately, it wasn’t what she featured. Lilah had the flu and RSV.

She comes back and she goes, ‘We tested for both influenza and RSV. She came back positive for both. But [Lilah’s] lungs are clear today.”

Tori admitted that finally having an answer was a huge relief.

Lilah is far from the only member of the Roloff family to suffer from RSV. The Blast reports that Ember, the daughter of Jeremy and Audrey, had the virus last year. She was taken to the hospital. Both Jeremy and Audrey also got sick.

Matt reveals that Zach almost died of the same virus.

Huge relief washed over Tori learning that Lilah did not have hydrocephalus. But, RSV is still a pretty scary virus. Earlier in the same episode we learned from Amy that Zach was just 9 months old when he nearly died of RSV. Matt Roloff also reflected on that difficult time in their life.

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This was the first time Lilah girl left the house after she had RSV and the flu. I was so thankful that she handled it all like a champ and came out even stronger. Our episode last night shared a little bit of our journey last Valentine’s Day! It’s something I’d prefer to never relive again. It was hard to watch because I remember how scared I was. Momtuition is a real thing and I knew something was up with girlsie. Never stop advocating for your kids!! Thank the lord she’s healthy now. I just wanted to thank you guys SO much for all the sweet notes and support we’ve received. I’m so thankful to be able to share our story in hopes that it will help someone else along the way!! Stay healthy people! #storyofzachandtori #zandtpartyoffour #babylilahray

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“The thing about RSV is it looks like the common cold. It’s a little more serious with an achondroplasia. Zachary had RSV really bad as an infant. We actually had to call 911. It was terrifying. … He stopped breathing. I can remember for a split second thinking he just died in front of us and we didn’t know why. I just thought his heart stopped.” Matt Roloff recalls.

Zach Roloff added to the topic: “I had RSV as a baby, but my parents didn’t know I had RSV. We know how serious RSV can be, and that’s why we’re trying to be super careful with Lilah.”

It certainly sounds like Zach’s health scares as a child have made him and Tori extremely cautious as parents. And, we are just happy everyone is doing alright!

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