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Did Clare Crawley Really Quit ‘The Bachelorette’? Find Out Her Response

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Rumors have been flying, as they do every season, about Clare Crawley’s time as The Bachelorette. Rumors indicate she quit filming after falling for one of her contestants. The rumors went so far as to say she locked herself in a closet and wouldn’t come out to film. Now that the show is airing, Clare is doing interviews and is sharing if she truly quit the show.

Did Clare really quit?

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Clare to get the scoop. Promos and editing have shown Clare storming off. However, that particular part had nothing to do with her big exit. Clare said, “I did not quit the show. I stayed the whole time, I went, I did what I was going to do there. I showed up, I didn’t quit anything.”

Of course, fans following know Tayshia Adams entered the resort to replace Clare about two weeks after filming began. It’s still left to be seen how she takes over the lead role. It’s been noted that fans should remember that anything can happen on The Bachelor franchise.

And, Clare did discuss that crazy closet rumor. She said, “I can promise you I did not lock myself in a closet. That was one [rumor] I heard that I was throwing a fit and I locked myself in a closet.”

Her feelings for Dale Moss

Fans were finally able to see how Clare reacted to seeing Dale for the first time. Monday night their first encounter was electrifying. It was obvious there was instant chemistry between the two of them. She even announced she thought she had just met her husband.

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Chris Harrison has also spoken out finally about this incredible, unprecedented season. He said, “She came into this unbelievably sincere and serious about finding love, finding a man, and it really wasn’t about the pomp and circumstance for her. It wasn’t about all the pageantry. It was about coming in and finding somebody, and I really respect the fact that this woman knows exactly what she wants and she is not afraid to go get it.”

Chris also referred to Clare’s season as a pressure cooker. But, at the end of the day he said the journey remains all about the romance and love story. It was all very intense. Clare knows what she wants and she won’t settle for anything else.

Don’t miss her love story unfold Tuesday’s on ABC.



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