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Did Captain Sandy Want To Switch Hannah Ferrier For Kate Chastain?

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Below Deck alum Kate Chastain made a shocking reveal about Captain Sandy Yawn. The former chief stew had an Instagram interview with WALT Wines. During the virtual chat, Kate revealed her favorite chef. She also answered whether she would work for Captain Sandy Yawn or Captain Lee Rosbach.

Captain Sandy fired Hannah Ferrier during Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean. It felt like this firing was a long time coming. But most fans assumed that Hannah would be the one to make that call. Apparently, Sandy has been looking for a new chief stew for some time.

Read to see what Kate had to say.

Captain Sandy asked Kate Chastain to work for her

The sassy blonde was asked if she would rather work for Captain Glenn Shephard or Captain Sandy Yawn. Kate Chastain took a sip of wine before spilling some details about Sandy. But she had nothing bad to say about either of them. Kate said she met both of them and they’re both very nice people.

Sandy came to Kate’s hometown. The two were having dinner together one night. Kate said that “before the appetizers were even served” Sandy suggested the idea of Kate and Hannah switching places. Sandy wanted to work with Kate instead.

The Bravo personality said she also met Glenn. She called him “very adorable and sweet.” As for the question? Kate said she would work for “neither” since she’s “retired” from yachting.

Does she prefer Captain Lee or Captain Sandy?

There were also fan questions. One fan asked if Kate Chastain prefers Captain Sandy or Captain Lee. That answer is obvious to fans.

“Of course, Lee, we’re like family,” Kate said. “And also, starting a new job with a new boss, it’s like, what rules am I allowed to break and how do I kiss a** appropriately? Like, I’d always choose the easiest half.”

Kate was part of Below Deck since Season 2. She always worked under Captain Lee’s direction. The tough captain described Season 8 as going to “an a** kicking convention with one leg without [Kate Chastain].” When the host read Lee’s quote, she smiled and said that was “sweet.”

Chef Ben Robinson is no longer Kate’s favorite chef

Kate Chastain also revealed her new favorite chef. And it’s not someone who’s already been on the show. She recalled a story of how she joined the show.

“I watched Below Deck on a yacht when I was a chief stew,” Kate explained. “Very fun fact, the chef who was on board the yacht that I worked on, her name is Rachel. And she’s going to be the chef on this new season of Below Deck! I’m so happy for her. She’s fantastic.”

Chef Rachel Hargrove will join the My Seanna crew for Season 8 of Below Deck. Ben was Kate’s favorite in the past. But she chose Rachel for her favorite Below Deck chef.

“This is tricky because one of my favorites is Rachel, who is going to be on this upcoming season,” Chastain dished. “She is so intelligent. Fun story about Rachel. She’s from Tampa. And so was the season 1 chief stew. Who by the way, she’d go out with wet hair. She was not how I would do things.”

Kate and Rachel are such good friends that they exchange inside jokes on social media. Below Deck Season 8 premieres Monday, November 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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