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David Eason Shares A Beautiful Photo Of Ensley In A Sunflower Field

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David Eason and Jenelle Evans enjoy the rural feel of their life on “The Land.” And the kids look happy as they get out and about living a country life. People often worry that Ensley might grow up in a toxic atmosphere. But, Jenelle’s little mini-me smiles without shadows in her eyes in the various clips her parents share on social media. And, the photo that David shared on Thursday, looks very lovely and old-world.

David Eason and Janelle raise Ensley together

Setting aside the negativity surrounding the Teen Mom alums in the past, clearly, they work at their relationship at the moment. With so much division and ugliness in the USA at the moment, sometimes it just feels nice to appreciate the simple joy of childhood that Ensley experiences right now. We reported the wonder and joy that Ensley revealed when Jenelle allowed her to handle a harmless snake.

So many people live in huge metropolitan areas these days, that some David Eason followers can’t relate to that. But, people who grew up in rural areas know it’s a part of childhood. The Greater Good Magazine at Berkley talks about how people became more and more removed from nature since the late 1950s. The outlet noted, “study after study documents the psychological and physical benefits of connecting with nature. People who are more connected with nature are happier, feel more vital, and have more meaning in their lives.”

Photo of Ensley in a sunflower field

The photo that David shared revealed Ensley sitting on an old farm tractor. Around and behind her, a sunflower field stretched into the distance. Fans seemed very taken with the photo. One of them commented, “Love sunflower field photos!! She is growing so fast. Thank you for pushing on through all the negative.” Then, another fan noted, “What a beautiful picture 🌻”

This nice message also complements the beauty of the photo. A David Eason fan wrote, “this is a Frame worthy photo 😍 She’s a beauty. Looks just like her momma in this photo!” And, others agreed, with one person saying, “That’s a beautiful pic @bigolhonky should be framed! 💜.” Perhaps it’s the sunflowers, but many fans liked the photo. Did you know that people often ask on Google, “Why do sunflowers make you happy?”

Do sunflowers make people happy?

According to ProFlower, sunflowers reflect “so many of the sun’s positive characteristics, it isn’t surprising that people enjoy basking in the sunflower’s warming glow so much.” And, they’re “known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s…day.” So, combine sweet little Ensley with a lot of sunflowers, and it’s no wonder that fans of David Eason thought the photo was beautiful.

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