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Adam & Danielle Busby Pull Hazel From School For Dental Emergency 

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Hazel Busby was pulled from school early today for a bit of a dental emergency! Oh no!

OutDaughtered fans were caught a little off guard when Adam Busby shared a short video clip of Hazel hanging out alone with him in the house. Concern only grew when he asked Hazel how her mouth was feeling and if it still tingled. What was going on?

Turns out, there was some sort of dental emergency with Hazel. And, it couldn’t wait. So, Adam and Danielle pulled Hazel from school to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Hazel and Riley went to the dentist a week ago.

As those who follow the reality TV family know, Hazel and Riley had routine dental checkups last week. They were the last of Danielle and Adam’s children to get their routine checkups. Danielle explained they split the girls up into chunks and did a few appointments at the time. It was just too overwhelming to do all of the medical checkups at the same time.

For routine checkups, it was pretty common for a single parent to take a child or two to the appointment. For medical appointments that are a little more serious, however, most parents usually attend.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the dentist discovered something when going over Hazel’s x-rays from her last checkup. And, it was the type of dental emergency that Adam and Danielle wanted to deal with as soon as possible. So, they pulled Hazel from school and took her to get it taken care of.

Fortunately, there are two video clips (you can watch below) that explain what happened.

What kind of dental emergency did Hazel Busby have?

Whether fans like admitting it or not, Hazel Busby is one of their favorite quints. So, it was unnerving to learn the adorable little quint had a dental emergency. What happened? Did Adam and Danielle resolve the issue? Is she doing alright?

In a second set of videos on the It’s a Buzz World Instagram, Adam explains that Hazel Busby had a chip in one of her teeth. It sounded as if the chip was further back in her mouth. Adam and Danielle admitted they had no idea the chip was there.

But, it was something they needed to get fixed before it got worse. So, it was a dental emergency. But, it was something that a trip to the dentist would fix! So, that was great for fans to learn.

Posted by TLC Fans on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Royal princess treatment after.

Unfortunately, it sounded like she had a pretty numb and tingly mouth for a little while after the appointment. It, however, also became apparent that Adam and Danielle did a little bit of spoiling after the dental emergency was resolved. And, who could blame them? Adam explained that Hazel got some new coloring books and was spending a little time playing with daddy and her baby doll. They even got the doll dressed for the colder weather. How fun!

OutDaughtered fans could tell by the look on Hazel Busby’s face that she had had a long and rough day. At least we know everything is alright now! Whew!

Hazel goes to the dentist part #2

Posted by TLC Fans on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

So, are you happy to know the dental emergency with Hazel Busby was easy to fix? Adam and Danielle Busby sure do a wonderful job with Hazel! Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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