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Should The Busby Family Ditch TLC & Create Their Own Content?

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We know Adam Busby offered a teasing update about Season 8 of OutDaughtered. But, one fan wonders if the Busby family should consider ditching TLC and just create their own content instead. Is the TLC paycheck really worth the invasive process of filming and production. Moreover, do the parents ever worry the network will edit something to look badly for ratings?

One fan asks when the Busby family will be done with TLC.

Adam Busby took to Instagram very recently. He spilled that they had recently resumed producing episodes for Season 8 of the series. While most were thrilled at this news. There are always a few trolls and critics in the comments. One individual in particular didn’t like the idea of TLC edited content. And, they decided to let Adam Busby know.

“Make more doing your own thing on youtube than being paid by TLC? Or is TLC going 100% garbage now?” One follower penned in the comments of Adam’s recent Instagram post.

The individual leaving the comment was clearly a fan of the Busby family. They, however, did not seem to be a fan of TLC. This individual wanted Adam and Danielle Busby to stick to social media content and ditch TLC. They even asked if Adam and Danielle could make more producing their own content.

Adam and Danielle do produce a lot of content on their own.

Adam and Danielle Busby both have their own Instagram accounts. They have a shared account. An account for their clothing boutique. And, they even have an account dedicated to their dog. But, Instagram isn’t the half of it. They also have a Cameo account in Adam’s name. They have a family blog. And, then they upload weekly videos to their YouTube channel. So, there is definitely plenty of content the Busby family makes without TLC for fans to enjoy. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t also continue making episodes of OutDaughtered.

Some assume it might be a gratitude thing. After all, if it wasn’t for OutDaughtered and TLC… The Busby family would not have nearly the following they have. The network shined a spotlight on the family. And, then their following grew because people fell in love. Adam and Danielle are loved because they are great people. And, it might seem like a real kick in the teeth for them to ditch TLC because they want to do their own content instead.

Have they ever thought about leaving the show?

As Good Housekeeping reminds us, Adam and Danielle Bubsy haven’t been shy about their frustrations with the producers in the past. For a few seasons, the producers made it seem like Adam “was an idiot.” Adam Busby himself confirmed that seemed to be the story the producers were selling. And, he was not having it.

“That is something we have seen in the editing more over the last couple seasons and it isn’t true to our relationship. It WILL stop.” He made crystal clear on Instagram.

It certainly sounds like Adam Busby intends to have some control over the story TLC tells with the series. So, maybe it won’t be the “garbage content” one follower suggested it was.

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