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Savannah Chrisley Shares Inspirational Message Just Ahead Of New Season

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Savannah Chrisley is getting ready for the next season of Chrisley Knows Best. She’s apparently preparing for the return of the reality television series by psyching herself up a bit. She’s also looking to add some inspiration to her many social media followers.

On Sunday, Savannah took to her Instagram stories with a message. This wasn’t a particularly personalized message. Rather she pulled an image off of another Insta account, @thegoodquote.

However, the message seemed to be a subtle statement on where the reality TV star’s head is at these days.

“It’s amazing what can happen when you aren’t attached to the outcome,” the message said.

Considering the trying times that have followed Savannah lately, it appears the Chrisley clan member is attempting a moment of zen. She’s been extremely busy over the last few months. Both good and bad things have come across her path.

In particular, one outcome Savannah definitely had an attachment to ended poorly. Earlier this fall, the social media personality split with longtime boyfriend, Nic Kerdiles.

Her fans, as fans do, weighed in on the relationship often since the breakup. Both she and Nic faced plenty of blame. Despite the couple being the only people who know what happened.

What Does Savannah Chrisley’s Message Mean?

Considering her attachment to the outcome of her relationship with Nic, it’s difficult to know the point of her Instagram message. It’s possible she was referring to her recent appearance in a recent Chase Martin music video.

The model and burgeoning makeup mogul appears in several clips throughout the video. A few shots show her coming around a corner. Another shows he slipping into a pair of jeans.

Savannah manages to look quite striking in every scene. As is usually the case with something like this, her fans and followers had all kinds of takes. Most were supportive. However, some followers wondered about her involvement.

What is certain is that she’s not attached to the success of the video. At least she doesn’t have as much of a stake as Martin does. The focus, after all, is on the music.

A Funny Addition To The Inspiration

It’s possible Savannah’s message didn’t have a deeper meaning. It’s entirely believable that she found the quote helpful for something else the rest of us can’t guess at.

Or maybe it was a lead into another Instagram story she posted on Sunday night. This story inspired hunger more than anything else.

It was a simple picture of a delicious pastry known as Monkey Bread. The picture had the coffee-cake-like food sitting on a dish. No further comment offered.

Perhaps Savannah wasn’t attached to the outcome of the cake. She simply wanted to eat it.

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