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‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Takes Ezyrollers For A Ride The Way Only He Can

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While some OutDaughtered stars were taking zoo trips and celebrating school milestones, the show’s whacky uncle, Dale Mills, continued being whacky this weekend.

The man affectionately known as “Uncle Dale” to fans, likes to clown around. Sometimes he just tells a well-placed joke. Much like he did when he claimed he and his niece Blayke were “twinsies” on picture day.

Other times, Dale is quite a bit more demonstrative. Such was the case on Sunday when he took a spin around the neighborhood on an Ezyroller scooter. The new product allows users to lay back while the scooter-like contraption rolls. To some degree, it looks like a go-kart.

It’s also predominantly for children. Already ready to look a bit silly, Uncle Dale went a few steps further. He put on a long wig and a camo headband. He continued the look with a tie-dye t-shirt and shorts.

The finish off the rather odd sight, OutDaughtered fans’ favorite uncle decided to chug from a bottle of cranberry juice. He posted the whole event on his Instagram, perfectly ready to face ridicule from his followers.

“Rolling through the hood on Bron’s @ezyrollers with some Positive Vibes…” he posted alongside the video. He also included a massive amount of hasthags including #notsurewhytheneighborswerestaring.

‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Love Dale’s Easy Ride

After he posted the video, it didn’t take long for the Busby kids’ uncle to get plenty of comments from his millions of followers.

One particular fan gave him a shoutout for drinking cranberry juice on his trek.

“UTIs won’t stand a chance!” The commenter wrote, talking about the curative properties of the juice when it comes to Urinary Tract Infections.

“If uncle Dale isn’t your fav I don’t know what to tell you,” another wrote.

Another user asked Dale a question, but almost surely didn’t expect the response it got.

“How did you keep a straight face doing that lol too funny,” they asked. Dale then responded he pulled if off because he was “drunk.”

Blast From His Past

Dale’s antics were so crazy, they even garnered the attention of someone from his school days.

“Why does this not surprise me? I can see you haven’t changed much since I taught you in middle school. I’m so happy for you and your accomplishments. I’ve kept up with you when watching OutDaughtered. It’s one of our favorite shows. Keep on being you, and I will pray for your wife.” One follower posted.

Dale responded to her, making it clear he knew who she was and that she was indeed someone who knew him for a long time.

“Hey Mrs. Rosteet!! You’re right, I haven’t changed!” He responded.

Thanks to the reaction his latest escapades engendered, it’s a safe bet the OutDaughtered star will continue clowning about the neighborhood.

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