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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Notice One Unhappy Camper On Zoo Trip

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OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby shared a recent picture on Instagram of her extended clan’s trip to the zoo. Intended to show a happy group skipping school the pic didn’t convey that message as completely as it seemed at first glance.

“No school today… family adventure to the zoo,” Danielle captioned the photo. It showed her and Adam’s children, along with their nieces, standing in front of a sign at the Houston Zoo.

Most kids would be thrilled to get out of a day of study. Indeed, most in the picture appeared plenty happy.

However, eagle-eyed fans did scope out one attendee who was quite glum.

The little one in the blue dress doesn’t look too happy about it!” One follower wrote. Others soon followed suit.

“I think she’d rather be in school,” another fan posted.

Sure enough, on the left side of the long line of children stood one young girl in a bright blue dress. The toe-headed tot appears to be looking off camera and has a very distinct pout going on.

While some of the OutDaughtered stars looked less than thrilled about posing for a picture, she was the only one who appeared downright unhappy about the whole endeavor.

Unhappy Busby Clan Member Called Cute

While most of the OutDaughtered fans were perplexed as to why anyone would be unhappy about a trip to the zoo, the little one drew only praise. Many of Danielle Busby’s followers found her adorable.

Indeed, some even expressed an understanding of her annoyance. Others simply wanted to know more about the trip.

As a family that documents quite a bit of their activities on social media, something out of the norm like a day of skipping school draws attention.

Danielle wasn’t the only Busby to post about the zoo either. Her husband Adam shared some shots as well.

Breaking Out Of The ‘OutDaughtered’ Norm

It shouldn’t surprise fans of the family that something like a special trip on a weekday would be big news in the clan. When factoring the Busby’s nieces into the mix, you’re talking about nine children, all looking for entertainment.

That entertainment can’t always be found in the classroom. A family this size has to structure quite a lot of their free time as well. As the picture might indicate, not every child agrees on how enjoyable various activities are.

The good news is that even when one of the younguns isn’t thrilled, the couple tends to keep things upbeat. That has to be hard to do on a consistent basis. At some point, fatigue enters in. OutDaughtered fans see the Busbys at their best and their worst. Indeed, with a new season around the corner, we’ll see more of those highs and lows. And maybe even another trip to the zoo.

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