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‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Are Uncomfortable: ‘Blayke Is Too Young For This’

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It seems Adam and Danielle Busby have upset OutDaughtered fans over Blayke again. Just what has them in a frenzy this time? Well, they are uncomfortable with the way Blayke Busby went to school today. And, they have been very vocal about it.

Via her Instagram Stories, Danielle Busby revealed it was picture day at Blayke Busby’s school today. Danielle shared a short video clip showing off how dressed up her oldest daughter was for the special day. She later shared a snap of the picture day outfit on Instagram as well.

Blayke Busby is all dressed up for picture day, fans are not loving it.

OutDaughtered fans could tell Danielle Busby spent a lot of time styling Blayke’s hair for picture day.

Blayke’s short brunette locks featured a lot of gorgeous curls without frizz anywhere. Danielle had a hair clip in the side of Blayke’s hair. The clip did a great job of keeping the hair out of her face. And, OutDaughtered fans certainly appreciated the gorgeous hair style. Blayke had a huge smile on her face as she posed for the camera.

Clothing wise, Blayke Busby sported a dark orange skirt with a long sleeved white t-shirt with a floral pattern. Now, we know what you are probably thinking. That doesn’t exactly sound like an inappropriate outfit. And, truthfully, the clothing really wasn’t the problem. So, what had fans so upset?

Well, take a look at some photos of what Blayke Busby wore to school today below. And, see if anything jumps out at you.

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Posted by Outdaughtered Fans on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Fans of the OutDaughtered think Blayke is wearing makeup.

What quickly catches the eye for many (after noticing her beautiful hair) is the vibrantly colored lips. Naturally, Blayke Busby’s lips are NOT nearly that bright. Did Adam and Danielle Busby put lipstick on their daughter that matched the dark orange skirt?

And, some fans also think she appears to be wearing eye makeup as well.

Fans didn’t discredit how beautiful Blayke Busby looked in the photo. But, they felt extremely uncomfortable. They insisted Blayke Busby was “way too young” for makeup. Some hoped it was just the editing of the photo. Perhaps she wasn’t actually wearing makeup.

It was just a day ago that one follower of the family accused Adam Busby of “going Kardashian” on them. Adam Busby clapped back. What did he say? Well, he said didn’t do extra things to his photos to exaggerate, change, or enhance their natural physical features. He just graded them the way he wanted to. So, it seems a little strange that he would be comfortable with Blayke Busby going to school in makeup. Didn’t that go against the subtle dig he took at the Kardashian family?

“Isn’t she a little too young to be wearing makeup?” One individual questioned.

Another agreed: “Looks like she is wearing makeup…..[too] young.”

“Beautiful Blake I hope you are not wearing make up,” a third added.

Now, it doesn’t appear as if Adam or Danielle Busby have responded to the concern. The real question is simple: do you think Blayke Busby is too young for makeup? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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