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Does ‘OutDaughtered’ Season 8 Have A Premiere Date? Adam Busby Explains

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Fans of OutDaughtered got a bit of good news from Adam Busby today. We learned they had started producing new episodes of Season 8. Does that mean OutDaughtered Season 8 has a premiere date yet? Well, that’s exactly what fans were wondering after getting this information. And, one was quick to ask in the comments of the Instagram update. Fortunately, Adam Busby decided not to keep fans wondering. And, he quickly responded to the first fan he saw that asked the question.

So, does OutDaughtered Season 8 have a premiere date?

With good news comes bad news unfortunately. OutDaughtered fans are thrilled to know the production for the new season has resumed. But, they might not be as thrilled to learn about the Season 8 premiere date.

“When will the new season of out daughtered [premiere]? Your show is my favorite show!!” One excited fan penned in a comment liked by several other fans. Fortunately, Adam Busby responded to the question about the Season 8 premiere less than a minute after it hit his Instagram account. Unfortunately, it isn’t really the answer fans want. So, what did he say exactly?

“Can’t answer that…” Adam Busby quickly fired back.

Truth be told, there are likely a few different reasons why Adam gave the response he did. For starters, TLC could have a premiere date picked out already. But, because of a contract, Adam and Danielle might not be allowed to reveal the premiere date. Assuming there is one in place already.

Or, it is just possible OutDaughtered Season 8 doesn’t actually have a premiere date yet. They set up cameras in their vehicles for production very briefly a few months ago. But, then, Adam made it clear production was paused so they could focus on the girls starting school. So, there might not be enough content produced for TLC to have a concrete premiere date in place yet.

Fans of the Busby family remain understanding.

Busby fans understood when Adam and Danielle decided to pause production. So they could focus on the girls kicking off school. And, they are understanding of Adam not really being able to give much information on the new season. So, fans asked other questions instead. What else did they want to know? Well, some questioned how involved Adam Busby was in the filming.

One follower questioned if Adam Busby was always behind the camera when they were filming his girls.

“I’m in front of them a lot too…” Adam teased in response. He chased his response with a wink emoji.

The fan gushingly responded again with a huge smile emoji for declaring their love for the reality TV show.

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