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‘Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley: Is She Pregnant or Had a Child? Clearing Up Rumors

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Tonight on the premiere of The Bachelorette with Clare Crawley, fans saw her with a baby bump. A guy came up to meet her and had something stuffed under his shirt to make him look pregnant. This was similar to the way Clare met Juan Pablo with a baby bump. So what is really going on? Keep reading to get the details.

Is Clare Crawley pregnant?

No Clare Crawley isn’t pregnant. When she met Juan Pablo she wore a baby bump. She was simply trying to tease him and make sure he would remember her. Clare has also never had a child. Some fans are confused after seeing her bump tonight. Here is what a few had to say on Twitter.

The reality is Clare Crawley is not pregnant. She also has never had any children at all. The pregnancy bump was just a joke. Even though fans saw it tonight, it doesn’t mean that Clare has a baby on the way just yet. Of course, at the age of 39, she will probably want to start trying to have children soon.

Rumors are flying

Ever since the pregnancy bump was seen in a preview for The Bachelorette rumors have been going crazy. Clare is very emotional and just a woman. There is no reason to think she is pregnant. Reality Steve is great with spoilers and if that was one he would have that out there. It would be great news if she got her happy ending, though.

If Reality Steve is right about the spoilers this season, then Clare’s season could end up being cut a bit short. You are going to have to watch and find out what happens. The first week didn’t let fans see all of the drama of this season.

Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Tuesday nights with Clare Crawley. Dancing With the Stars is still airing on Monday nights. Matt James is now filming his season of The Bachelor, but it won’t be airing until January on ABC.

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