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‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Accuses Adam Busby Of Acting Like A Kardashian

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Adam Busby of OutDaughtered and the Kardashian family really have nothing in common. Perhaps beyond being reality TV show families. But, that didn’t stop one OutDaugthered fan from drawing a comparison to Adam Busby and the Kardashians. What has fans making this bizarre connection? Keep reading to find out.

Adam Busby takes beautiful photos.

There is no denying the photos Adam Busby shares on Instagram are absolutely gorgeous. He’s a self-taught photographer and he has a lot of serious photography equipment. So, it’s safe to assume that nearly every photo on his profile was taken by him. This is even true of photos that feature him. That being said, some fans are starting to wonder if he’s going a little too far with editing and filters. Does he need to dial it back some?

Fan accuses the OutDaughtered dad of acting like a Kardashian

One Instagram follower begged Adam Busby to avoid over doing it with the filters and photo edits. The individual implied the Instagram snaps were starting to feel a little fake. Why? Because of all the extra editing he did to them. They insisted fans wanted to see raw and unfiltered snaps of the family.

“Adam please do unfiltered and raw photos don’t go all Kardashians on us please.” The individual begged in a comment liked nearly a dozen times. The number of likes suggested this individual wasn’t alone in feeling this way.

Adam Busby, however, didn’t seem to agree with the accusation. In fact, in firing back at the critic, he also took a slight dig at the Kardashian family.

I’m grading the photos how i want to them. I’m not smoothing wrinkles and warping the image to exaggerate body features…”

The OutDaughtered father seemed a little annoyed by the comparison of him to the Kardashian family. He insisted he would not use his skills to exaggerate or improve body features.

After Adam Busby responded to the critic, they responded to the comment once more and insisted they were “just teasing.”

The TLC star’s followers were NOT with this comparison.

Followers of the TLC family did not like the Busby family being likened to the Kardashian family. And, they were very vocal about it. The original critic insisting they were “just teasing” didn’t seem to stop others from firing back.

“He has an amazing camera it’s not filters jeesh appreciate the photos stop being so critical keep doing what your doing @adambuzz [they are] perfect,” one individual insisted.

Another annoyed follower chimed in: “Really? How rude can people be? Your pictures & family are fabulous. God bless you.”

So, do you find it understandable that Adam Busby did not like being compared to the Kardashian family? And, do you think he does too much editing to his photos? Share your thoughts with us.

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