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Morgan Freeman’s Newest Reality Series To Look At History’s Greatest Jailbreaks

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Morgan Freeman will return to television in the near future. The much-beloved actor has a deal with the History Channel for a new reality series with the working title of Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman.

Deadline reported on Monday the show will look at the greatest jailbreaks in history. The Oscar-winning actor will host and executive produce the six one-hour episodes series.

Each episode will include reenactments and cutting edge visual effects. The goal is to show exactly how some of the most renowned escapes ever were pulled off. Freeman will help shed light on meticulous planning and escape routes. The program also focuses on the pursuit after the escapes.

“I’ve been inside the minds of prisoners in my acting career, and I’m looking forward to stepping inside the most notorious prisons in the world, like Alcatraz, Sing Sing, Riker’s Island, and Leavenworth. Audiences will feel like they’re making the escapes themselves as I walk them into a virtual world and through the greatest escapes in history,” Freeman said during the announcement of the new series.

In some regards, the actor is returning to a role he knows quite well. He earned an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of an inmate in the critically acclaimed Shawshank Redemption. However, there are obvious differences between Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman and Shawshank. Chief among those differences is the new series depicts real incidents.

Morgan Freeman Joins Talented Ensemble

The famed actor joins a growing list of well-known personalities taking a turn with reality television. The same production company behind Great Escapes has Laurence Fishburne and Tim Allen on the payroll. Fishburne hosts History’s Greatest Mysteries. Allen helms Assembly Required. 

Those producers on the History Channel said they were quite excited to add Freeman to the roster.

“Morgan’s gravitas will help ground this series and drive the drama in a way no other face or voice can,” the network’s producers said in a separate statement.

The channel hasn’t said when Freeman’s series is set to air. However, it’s expected to launch sometime in 2021. Indeed, Freeman’s comments made it clear the program is coming relatively soon. However, production hasn’t yet completed on the full season.

Actor Returns To Television

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman is the actor’s first return to television since 2017. However, it’s not his first bit of work. Most recently, he depicted President Turnbull in the action movie, Angel has Fallen.

He also recently took part in an unrehearsed table reading of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Indeed, that particular job included a star-studded cast. He joined with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and others who provided a new spin on the comedy classic as part of a COVID-19 relief effort.

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