Adam Busby’s Instagram Post Has Fans Fighting — See What’s Going On

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Adam Busby shared a beautiful photo on Instagram recently. The photo featured himself, his wife Danielle, a couple quints, and a cousin. It appeared as if they were enjoying feeding ducks and fish near a body of water.

Adam was crouched down near the water in the photo pointing out at something. All three girls and Danielle looked out at whatever he was pointing at.

Now, this was intended to be an Instagram post of a fun memory Adam Busby and Danielle shared with some members of their family. Unfortunately, the activity they were participating in sent fans into a bit of a frenzy. One individual criticized Adam for what they were doing. Adam clapped back. Others defended Adam. And, a few even swooped in to defend the original critic. Moreover, the original critic wasn’t afraid of Adam. They were quick to fire back after Adam Busby responded to them. What was said and what has fans so upset? Keep reading.

Is feeding bread to ducks a bad move?

This whole thing started because one individual decided to question what they were feeding the ducks.

“Bread is nutritionally deficient for ducks. And it causes algae to build up in the water. So, it’s toxic in many ways to the ducks. I hope you fed them something else.” One critic penned in a comment liked a dozen times. The likes suggested others seemed to agree with the critical opinion. Now, Adam has never been afraid to fire back and critics and trolls. This person was no exception.

It’s nutritionally neutral to ducks and can be bad for them at a place like a public park, where they are fed bread all day every day. That isn’t the case here. This isn’t a public park. They were actually fed a few pieces of bread because it does float on the surface and peaks their interest. Then we fed them a mixture of corn, seed and cut grapes.”

Now, Adam’s response above was liked nearly 100 times. Suggesting fans definitely agreed with him more so than the critic.

Unfortunately, other followers got in on the action. And, the original critic even came back to double down on their opinion. Continuing to urge Adam Busby not to feed the ducks bread. See some of the comments in the screenshots below.

Adam Busby Instagram

Now, the real question is simple: who is right in this argument? Is there harm in feeding ducks bread? So, we decided to do a little digging.

Bread isn’t harmful in small doses.

BBC News reports giving ducks a little bit of bread (in small pieces) isn’t exactly harmful. It, however, can be difficult for ducks to digest large chunks of bread or a significant amount of bread. Most suggest feeding ducks something else because it is just safe for the ducks. So, in this instance, one could argue both sides of the argument were accurate.

So, do you have an issue with Adam Busby feeding the ducks bread? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.



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