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Adam Busby Jests The Orangutans Have Accepted Hazel As Their Own

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Adam Busby shared a very fun photo featuring himself and Hazel Basil on Instagram today. And, OutDaughtered fans are ALWAYS her for a photo featuring Hazel. Whether it is her gorgeous red hair or her adorable glasses… A lot of fans are drawn to Hazel. And, the quint quickly became a fan favorite.

Adam Busby, Hazel, and the entire family hit the zoo today.

As those who follow Adam and Danielle on Instagram know, the girls did not have school today. And, the last thing Adam and Danielle Busby like doing is sitting around at home when the weather is nice. Chances are good this is especially true with all the extra little ones hanging around. Because of the most recent hurricane, Adam and Danielle have a lot of friends and family members who took shelter at their home. And, it seems like the Busbys are trying to make the experience as great as possible for the children.

The OutDaughtered father shares a snap of many fans favorite quint.

Adam Busby shared a photo featuring himself and Hazel having a wonderful time at the zoo together. Adam rocked a baseball cap, a purple t-shirt, and a white face mask.

The photo featured a beaming Hazel sitting on Daddy’s shoulders. She had both hands wrapped around daddy’s hat. Adam had one hand on Hazel’s leg. And his other hand looked to be holding the camera as he snapped the photo. There was a lot of green shrubbery in the background behind the duo.

There was also a large inflatable pumpkin off to the side. Adam and Danielle’s activity on their Instagram Stories reveals the zoo was very much decorated for the Halloween season.

“Zoo day with the kiddos! It was a hot one! The orangutans accepted Hazel Basil as one of their own,” Adam Busby jested in the caption of the photo.

Fans were quick to shower the sweet photo with love and support.

The photo has accumulated nearly 10,000 likes an hour since Adam Busby uploaded it to his profile. Nearly 200 of his followers have also popped into the comments to share their thoughts. Unsurprisingly, most were HERE for a Hazel snap.

Most kept things simple and gushed about how “cute” Hazel was. One individual admitted they wondered what kind of teenager Hazel would grow up to be. They hoped Adam and Danielle would continue to share their lives with fans as the girls grow throughout the years.

So, what do you think of the silly photo of Hazel and Adam Busby? Share your thoughts with us!

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