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‘OutDaughtered’: Busby Family Takes In Hurricane Refugees Ahead Of Delta

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OutDaughtered fans know that Adam and Danielle Busby took in his mom and dad and sister’s family when Hurricane Laura hit Louisana. Mindful of the devastation, they collected lots of donated goods and shipped them north. Then, Tropical Storm Beta tried a nasty attack. And now, Hurrican Delta made landfall. So, the Busby’s took in more hurricane refugees.

OutDaughtered – The Busby house fills with more people during Hurricane Delta

We reported that Adam Busby felt deeply upset and angry at the lack of media coverage after Hurricane Laura. Many of their friends and family lost everything in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His mom and dad and sister with her kids moved into their place. And, with all those people around, the Busby’s started a drive for relief. Thye collected lots of goods and shipped them out to help those in the devastated area.

But, summer’s not done with the South Eastern USA yet. Now, Hurricane Delta made landfall. CBS News reported, “The hurricane slammed the same region that was devastated by Hurricane Laura just six weeks ago.” The Mayor of Lake Charles noted that Delta “brought significantly more flooding.” Already struggling with the fallout from Hurricane Laura, more flooding really made the situation worse. But, luckily for some friends, they found shelter with the OutDaughtered family.

Fuller house for the Busby family

Adam Bubsy talked about the new additions to the refugees. He shared a photo of the kids in the pool. He captioned it with, “When we have family and friends here evacuating for a hurricane, it’s grounds for heating the pool and let these kids get outside.” Fans expressed that they felt glad Adam and Danielle were in a position to help out those seeking shelter. With more friends there, the place must surely be busting at the seams.

Plenty of kids around seems the norm for the OutDaughtered family. So, making space for a few more looks more like fun than hardship. And, Danielle puts her experience with virtual schooling to good use. She shared how she tutors the kids staying with them. In her post, she shared a photo of some kids at a table. Danielle wrote, “Good thing 🤪this year had brought on so much virtual school bc I have become a pro at being a “full class – mama teacher “ 🤣 #lovemyevacuees.”

A great idea that fans spotted

In 2020, lots of people homeschooled. And, hawk-eyed TLC fans spotted a good idea. The kids worked at art lessons. One fan noticed that the table top’s, covered with acrylic glass. That takes care of crayon markings, paint, and ink spills. Well, one thing about the Busby parents, they learned how to deal with that sort of thing early on. And now, as the house guests increase, it looks like they successfully put their organizational abilities to use.

What do you think of the good idea that Danielle came up with? Are you happy for the Busby family that their situation allows them to take in more refugees from Hurricane Delta? Sound off in the comments below.

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