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Chase Chrisley SLAMMED For Girlfriend Tribute, Is He A Player?

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Chase Chrisley paid tribute to his girlfriend Emmy Medders on October 10th via Instagram. He announced he was “thankful for this one.” Unfortunately for the Chrisley Knows Best post, what he intended to be a sweet tribute to his girlfriend was NOT well-received by his followers. Why are his followers coming for him exactly? Keep reading to see what has them so upset.

How many girlfriends has Chase Chrisley been thankful for?

We know Chase Chrisley is 24-years-old. We also know he is currently dating Emmy Medders. Chase has revealed to multiple outlets that he and Emmy have been friends for years. But, maturity wise, he wasn’t ready for her. He claimed he had some “growing up” to do before he could be with her. But, now? Now, the timing felt right for them to be together. That being said, Emmy Medders certainly isn’t his first girlfriend.

According to Life and Style Magazine, Chase Chrisley has had three girlfriend prior to getting with Emmy Medders. We also know Emmy has Todd Chrisley’s stamp of approval as an ideal girlfriend. This is interesting to fans because Todd Chrisley has always been very vocal about disliking Chase’s choice in women. So, it was relieving for fans to see him get with someone his father approved of.

Brooke Noury

Brooke Noury is pressumed to be Chase’s first serious girlfriend. They had an on and off relationship for three years (from 2015 to 2018). The end of their relationship was documented during Season 6 of Chrisley Knows Best.

Lindsey Merrick

Chase and Lindsey Merrick started to date in the fall of the same year that he finally called it quits for good with Brooke. They, however, broke up at the beginning of 2019.

Kayla Puzas

Chase dated Kayla very briefly last year. It was during this relationship that Chase realized he needed to “grow up” and figure out what he wanted in a partner. And, what he wanted to do with his future.

Chase and Emmy officially kicked off their relationship in June of this year. They made their relationship public news when she referred to him as her “favorite boy” while wishing him happy birthday.

Chase Chrisley’s followers still think it is too soon.

A quick scroll through the comments of Chase’s tribute to his beautiful girlfriend reveals A LOT of negativity.

“Just how many girlfriends have you been thankful for and for how long?” One follower penned in a comment that was liked nearly 400 times. The comment also had over 40 responses. Some agreed with the comment. And, others were surprised by the sassy remark. A few, however, were quick to defend Chase.

One individual defended: “sooooo would you rather he had a girlfriend he WASN’T thankful for?”

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“Here we go again,” another individual commented. This comment was liked over 100 times.

A third commented in comment liked nearly 100 times as well: “I give it another month before he’s on to the next..”

Chase Chrisley did have some support in the comments. But, the support was buried under the negative comments. And his supporters found the massive amount of negativity and hate to be disgusting. They didn’t understand why the reality TV son was receiving so much hate.

And, it wasn’t just the comments of his posts. She was also the victim of negative comments. One individual took to her comments to warn her that it wouldn’t last. The individual suggested she was just the “flavor of the week” for Chase.

So, what do you think about Chase Chrisley’s girlfriend? Sound off in the comments.


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