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‘Emily In Paris’ Fans Are Livid Over Camille’s Treatment

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Emily in Paris fans are not happy with how the season ended. More particularly, they aren’t happy with how the Netflix original dealt with the Camille storyline.

Be warned there are spoilers ahead. If you haven’t watched all 10 episodes and plan to, read this later. For all others, press on and see if you agree.

Emily in Paris is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Despite its popularity, fans and critics have found more than a few things to complain about.

As Yahoo Life pointed out, the latest aspect of the show devoted fans are irate about is how one of the main supporting characters was treated. Camille quickly became a favorite.

Early on, Emily’s new friend is also the girlfriend of Gabriel. This is a problem because Emily has the hots for the French chef as well. By the time we realize Camille and Gabriel are a couple, he and Emily have already had a steamy kiss. They also flirt constantly.

The first issue viewers took issue with was that Emily didn’t fess up immediately. Camille is the only real friend Emily has. Instead, a character people are meant to like, keeps everything under wraps.

More than a few fans find Camille both sweet and supportive. Meanwhile, Emily and Gabriel continue flirting.

Emily In Paris And Its Fans’ Frustrations

The season ends with the titular character and Gabriel hooking up again. And, once again behind Camille’s back.

Fans, who stuck by the show for 10 episodes are starting to turn on it thanks to its Season 1 conclusion.

“I just finished Emily in Paris, and I feel like we should start a petition to make Camille the main character,” one fan wrote. “I no longer feel like watching shows where the ‘protagonist’ is romanticized for being a cheater and a narcissist. The triangle storyline had potential, but no.”

“Camille is by far the best character in Emily in Paris and as much as i love Gabriel (despise Emily tho), Camille deserves SO much better,” another explained.

Another fan remained twisted up by the whole ordeal. They first said the two women should have ended up together. Then said Camille was far too good for Emily.

The Camille Deserves Better Club

Fans of the program found different ways to voice their opinion, but they all boiled down to the same argument. Camille is the favored character of more than a few viewers. On the flipside, central protagonist Emily is unlikeable.

More than one viewer made it clear it’s hard to root for a couple who are despicable. Hard to root for people who are carrying out an affair while the person being cheated on is so nice and caring.

It will be interesting to see how Season 2 of Emily in Paris handles the issue.

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