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Lenny Kravitz Claims Lisa Bonet Was Booted Off ‘A Different World’ Over Pregnancy

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Lenny Kravitz is spilling the tea on why his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet left A Different World. Rumors have persisted for years the departure was due to a disagreement with producer Bill Cosby.

The show was technically a spinoff from the uber-popular Cosby Show. Those same rumors hinted there was a clash of personalities. However, Kravitz wrote in his new book, “Let Love Rule” that Cosby fired Bonet after she got pregnant.

Page Six reports a meeting between the now-disgraced comic, the actor, and another producer, Debbie Allen led to a blowup.

Kravitz said the comic knew what was going on in the minute the meeting began. “You’re here to tell me you’re pregnant, aren’t you?” Cosby allegedly asked Bonet.

However, Allen wanted to keep the actor on board. She felt it would be compelling for Denise Huxtable, daughter of Dr. Cliff Huxtable to raise a child on her own. Initially, the comic didn’t say anything. He told Bonet and Allen he would get back to them after he thought about the issue.

According to Kravitz, the comedian called back a few days later and killed the idea. “Lisa Bonet is pregnant,” he announced, “but Denise Huxtable is not.”

Cosby, who is now a convicted sexual abuse offender, pulled Bonet off A Different World for the second season.

Lenny Kravitz Puts Cosby On Blast

Kravitz wrote that despite firing Bonet from A Different World, Cosby didn’t leave her entirely high and dry. He hired her back for the Cosby Show once she had given birth and was ready to return to work.

However, the musician also claimed the pair’s relationship was never the same. Eventually, Bonet left the incredibly popular sitcom before its run officially ended.

When she left that series, she claimed it was because she had a difference of opinion with producers over the direction of her character.

Kravitz wrote the relationship between Cosby and Bonet was tense and “untenable.” Those difficulties likely played a part in the final departure.

Cosby’s Continued Issues

Once thought to be “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby is somewhat of pariah in Hollywood these days. After his conviction on abuse allegations, several Cosby Show castmates voiced their disapproval of his actions.

For her part, Bonet said back in 2018 she thought there was something wrong with the comic. She claimed he brought a “sinister energy” on set. It’s unknown whether any of the members of the sitcom had an idea of what he was alleged to have been doing during that period of time.

Bonet did go on the record saying she had no inkling he was doing anything illegal during their time working together. She added she felt the negatives energies even without firsthand knowledge of anything untoward.

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