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What Did ‘DOOL’ Fans Do To Upset Deidre Hall?

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It can be tough for celebs to correspond with fans online. Some stars enjoy making connections with fans. Days of Our Lives actress Deidre Hall seems to love fan interaction. However, she quickly grew sick of fans not obliging her social media request. The situation then snowballed into fans doubting it was really the soap star on the other side of the computer. 

What happened that got Soap Twitter up in arms earlier this week? 

Deidre Hall Asks DOOL Fans to Comment on Posts Before Sharing

DOOL actress Deidre Hall has her own Facebook fan page. She takes an active role in running The Deidre Hall Fan Page. Deidre often posts funny viral videos with her fans. However, she did not like that fans would share the video without leaving a comment on her post. 

She asked several times for DOOL fans to leave comments. Over the weekend, she wrote a note to her fans. The note said, “Glad you enjoyed the Canadian bear. More than three times as many shares as comments. I’m taking a break til they’re equal.” 

The “Canadian bear” is a reference to a bear video she shared. Apparently, fans had a hard time understanding what she meant, so she tried again. 

“Well, I see I have not communicated clearly. I continually ask that you COMMENT before FORWARDING. If you forward WITHOUT leaving a comment, it takes the fun out of it for me!! So…..since 2/3 of you can’t be bothered I’m stepping away from posting until the comments equal the forwards. Hope that’s cleared things up.”

That post earned almost 400 comments from fans doubting that Deidre wrote that herself. DOOL fans felt that it wasn’t very Marlena-like of the actress. In fact, it was more like DOOL’s John (Drake Hogestyn) at the moment! 

Soap Icon Near Tears Due to Mean Fans

The comments from fans questioning the legitimacy of the posts on The Deidre Hall Fan page clearly got to the actress. Since her written words weren’t getting the message across, she took on video format. In a long video, Deidre Hall assures fans that “nobody is putting words” in her mouth. In fact, everything on the Facebook page comes directly from her. 

Furthermore, she denied the allegations from fans that she was making money from the Facebook comments. Rather, she just likes interacting with her fans. She does have a side gig of painting cards for fans to purchase. But she does that because it makes her happy, more than for the minimal income it brings. 


The drama made its way to other social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Many fans took up for Deidre Hall, calling out trolls for making the icon cry. 

Who knew Soap Twitter had more drama than the actual soap operas?! Deidre’s posting strike didn’t last long. She’s back to sharing viral videos that interest her. In her own video, she told fans not to worry about commenting before sharing. 

Do you think Deidre Hall over-reacted to fans sharing her content without commenting? Or were the trolls wrong for attacking the soap vet? 

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Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. 


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