Kelly Dodd Drunk Wives Matter

‘RHOC’ Fans Threatening Boycott Over Kelly Dodd ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ Hat

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Kelly Dodd is fighting with her fans online again. The Real Housewives of Orange County star came under fire after pictures of her engagement party started circulating around social media.

There were actually several photos that outraged her Instagram followers. However, one got people especially hot under the collar.

Kelly took several different pictures of herself and her party-going friends. One of the photos showed her wearing a “Drunk Wives Matter” cap. More than a few of her fans felt she was poking fun at the Black Lives Matter movement.

E! Online reported on Tuesday that Kelly responded to criticism in a since-deleted Instagram video. She first called the hat “a joke,” then went on to express her displeasure over people calling her insensitive.

“You know what, all lives matter,” she said, according to the outlet. “People that can’t get a joke, go f— yourselves.”

Now, according to The Blast, some fans are talking about boycotting Real Housewives of Orange County unless Kelly is fired.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, one user went on the offensive.

“I have decided to take a stand alongside Bravoingtogether, Bravohistorian, & many other Bravoholics. For the first time in over 10 years, I will not be watching or reporting on the upcoming season of #RHOC because of the vile Kelly Dodd.”

The poster also called her a “disgrace.” They also said they were appalled Bravo didn’t handle the situation better.

She then fired back, claiming people threatening to boycott the show were “whackjobs.”

Kelly Dodd Says There’s No Way She’s A Bigot

The RHOC star claimed once again the “Drunk Wives Matter” hat was just a joke. She also claimed it was impossible for her to be bigoted because she’s Mexican. She also said her fiancee, Rick “is a Jew.”

Later on, in the comments, Rick did chime in as well, though his response was far shorter. He posted a simple “I love you.”

Flare-Ups Likely To Continue

This isn’t the first time Kelly has gotten into hot water with her fans. Her response to the issue hints it won’t be the last.

She spent most of the early part of the week fighting with some of the same fans arguing over the lack of mask-wearing at her party. In response to those complaints, she showed some photos where her friends were wearing masks. Unfortunately, she undercut her won argument after other pictures showed them standing next to each other maskless.

COVID-19 and her response to the disease has been an ongoing bone of contention with some of RHOC‘s fans.

Earlier in the summer, during the height of the outbreak, she claimed she wasn’t worried about the virus. Kelly said she never got sick and anyway, it was just a slightly more serious flu.

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