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‘The Boys’ Showrunners Hinted At This Character’s Tragic End (Spoilers)

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The Boys saw one of the characters that fans were really starting to end come to a tragic end in the latest episode. If you haven’t seen Season 2, Episode 7 of the Amazon Prime Video series then you may want to stop reading here. Beyond this point are major spoilers.

Talking to TVLine The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke said anyone who was surprised by the latest big death wasn’t paying attention. In following through on what the writers hinted at, Kripke once again showed no one should get attached to any character.

Shawn Ashmore’s Lamplighter was gone in a flash. After showing up as an orderly in the hospital holding unhinged supes, it seems likely he might play a major role in the season. However, he ended up appearing in handful of episodes.

In Episode 7, he took his own life, allowing Starlight and Hughie to escape Vought Tower. The saddest part is that he didn’t even get to go out how he wanted. He believed his bust would still be inside the building. His reaction to the sculpture’s absence set the stage for the twist.

“I wanted to do it in front of my statue. I just wanted to make my dad proud,” he dejectedly remarked before setting himself ablaze.

‘The Boys’ Showrunner Connects The Dots

The fiery twist wasn’t shouldn’t have come as a complete shock, Kripke said. Those paying attention to Lamplighter’s words, saw it coming. Indeed he even mentioned suicide earlier in the season.

“Our feeling was, in the writers’ room, that Lamplighter is suicidal,” Kripke said. “He pretty much straight up says it at the end of Episode 6. He says to Mallory, ‘Please kill me. I really want to be put out of my misery.’ So he’s pretty on record that he’s suicidal.”

The Boys showrunner said Lamplighter’s backstory was all about his fall. He went from being a hero to someone who murdered children.

While Lamplighter behaved as though it didn’t bother him, he let the reality show from time to time.

“He’s just degraded so far from who he thought he was going to be or being someone his father would be proud of. I think the pressure of trying to live up to his father’s expectations when he failed so greatly was too much for him. It’s tragic. It’s sad,” Kripke added.

Lamplighter’s Actions Were Symbolic

Kripke said Lamplighter taking himself out with his own powers closed the loop. Those powers brought great suffering. However, in the end, it gave Lamplighter a measure of peace.

While fans of The Boys were shocked by the character’s death, Ashmore knew it was coming. He said he loved how Lamplighter died because it had such meaning.

Having said all that, Kripke claims he wouldn’t mind a do-over if after seeing the character on the screen.

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